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    ZREO Live

    That´s right 2 hours left
  2. holy shit Im dancing the funniest nsf ever xDDDDDDDDDDDDD awesome job
  3. glad to heard a quote from Mk1, nice remix dude Love the guitar parts
  4. Its amazing, with Jade´s Catacombs this is gonna be my top 5 bLiNd remixes. or my top 5 Ocremix remixes!!! , its a time travel, I played gradius III about 13 years ago, and the remix reminds me, the atmosphere, the god difficulty of these stages... its been a long time and I almost cannot remember the original tracks (Especially the intro) so, after listening the OST, I said: OMFG, Its a perfect Selection (oh wait...) In the Intro, the sounds is similar to the Epoch´s rising to the Sky, thank you bLiNd for share this remix with us!! Suggestions(not about this remix): - maybe a Top gear 1 trance remix - maybe a "Lab 16´s Ruin" Remix from Chrono Trigger
  5. nice resubmit, now about the drums, i think one thing, the snare drum should feel more louder. Im waiting for the final mix of this one, is a very nice arragement good work!
  6. nice I am of the people who dream about a project album of this great music, I hope to that someday to the things and as great things occur as these happen