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  1. The best part of Last Remnant is the incredible battle system, If you like to forge ahead farther than your'e relaly supposed to go, the game can get REALLY challenging. There are some hidden dungeons as well, and generally by the later half of the game if you keep doing this, every battle feels like a fight for your life and can go on for 15-20 minutes. JUST for a regular battle. The good thing is that obviously you rank(level basically) up ALOT faster, and it's ok to take this risk becasue you can save anywhere, anytime out of battle. There's also ALOT to do aside from the main story, so if you do enjoy the battle system you have plenty of gametime.
  2. I can really feel the sadness in this, it's almost making me tear up. So much so that it's kind of hard to say I like it. Incredibly emotional to say the least.
  3. I love synth and I love solos so as far as I'm concerned, this is AWESOME.
  4. Yeah considering how heavily Odin Sphere and Grim Grimoire relied on great dialog to tell it's story well, Ignition REALLY messed up with their translation in that sense. The stories in the two previous games really moved me and were at least half the reason I absolutely LOVED them, so it's just aggravating to see Muramasa not get the same high quality treatment. Those games both had incredible dubs too. There's a sweet Momohime figure coming out in July too: http://akibahobby-c2.sakura.ne.jp/image/20100208/a028.html http://akibahobby-c2.sakura.ne.jp/image/20100208/a030.html
  5. Any Etrian Odyssey fans? That is hardcore old school dungeon crawling, you even make your own maps! Yuzo Koshiro produced music is a huge bonus too. EOIII is in the works too, with a TON more classes There's also Sakura Wars and Record of Agarest War on the horizon as well, although those are SRPGs. Edit: oh yeah, one more I forgot, Resonance of Fate is coming out too, it's another tri-ace RPG.
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