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    Well, I love video game music and remixes are awesome so I finally decided to make an account here but the main purpose was for the Grand Robot Master Remix Battle of course ;D.
  1. How is Gecko these days? Fire Drill was probably my most favorite track in the 1st GRMRB. I was hoping for him to return in the 2011 and Wily Gauntlet, but nope. I heard he's still active on the forums though.
  2. Yeah.....X6 got rushed and they kept the funky Japanese names lol.
  3. I still feel kinda bad for not putting my heart and soul 100% into the votes, but you're right! I'm glad to be able to hear these wonderful remixes and arrangements
  4. Um hey guys....I like forgot to vote today D: And can I um.......change all of my votes or something because I feel like my votes were kinda biased in an indirect way and after listening to the older songs more, I am now regretting my life. (((
  5. Man, you guys made this round too hard for me to vote. Tons of great mixes this week. Great job guys!
  6. Hey Main Finger, thanks for sneaking "SILENT RAIN" into your mix. Sounded really nice. AND ANYBODY ELSE WHO ALSO DID THE SAME.
  7. I'm not the biggest Nobuo Uematsu fan out there, but I have lots of respect for his music and all of the work he has done. Final Fantasy isn't the same without him IMO.....so..... PLEASE LET ME WIN THE TICKETS SO I CAN SHAKE HIS HAND AND BRAG TO MY FRIENDS!!!!
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