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  1. Ghah! I had to write a review of this This tune kicks my ass... mmm. where to begin. The verb on the intro note is perfect, the subbase woooOOOooommms like a erm... woomy thing should... The whole sound is very warm, the atmosperic synthstrings really fill a gap well. I love the way the melody and the drums are upfront without stepping on each others toes. The reverb on the bassdrum (usually something i hate) is great and adds to the warmth... Structurally more to the point and stylistically more punchy than my version was, I have one small reservation. (tiny one tho... about the size of a freshly hatched goldfish) the distortion on the drums sound slightly loose for my taste, but thats a matter of personal preference rather than an actual criticism as it all sounds great. 10/10.
  2. I agree. spot on bit of remixing. somewhere between culture beat and sash, eurodancey with trance stylings. I love the drop at 1.45, it lets you stop dancing and just hold your hands in the air and smile at a mate... And how could people not hear the sonic theme in there? ITS THERE! JUST THERE! (points) Eoroclub95 as a title sort of undersells it tho, the word fusion should be in there somewhere. Maybe even Ibiza. 10/10.
  3. erm. can`t see it myself. i`m sticking up for dabomb, this tune isn`t in the version of pocket tanks you linked to, besides its not unusual for a freely available mp3 to appear in a game. oh, and pocket tanks is a fantastic little game, 9/10
  4. yeah, The style i was aiming for was classic tony de vit era hard house (or whatever it was called when devit was around and hard house wasn`t), but trying to avoid the old house cliches, the missing snare runs were deliberate, as i think i`ve used them in every other OCremix i`ve done. The idea for the structure came fom kadocs nighttrain, all the elements are introduced one after another more or less independantly, then come together for the finale, however i took an editing decision to cut the tune down from 7 to 5mb, then further to 4mb as i felt it better to end on the sanxion element and keep it to the 4mb limit (which i later discovered is now 6mb.. grrr). The ending was discussed at length with a muso mate and as there isn`t much of the original sanxion tune in there it was the best place to end. yeah, i probably over filtered all the elements (howd you spot that? so that no component interfered too much with another, this was to avoid it getting too dirty at the end. If i finish the 7mb properly i`ll post a link in here somewhere, as a dance tune it was better (tho a lot of the critcysm still stands), but as a game remix it wasn`t. thanks for noticing the lead it only took half a day of tuning and filtering(!) and if the riff is from vinylgroover he`s psychic Thanks for listening so closely and the great review, constructive criticism is always appreciated, especially if its from someone more experienced in a certain style. If it wasn`t for the spaceharrier criticism this tune probably wouldn`t have been done.
  5. It has both id3v1 and v2 tags embedded, maybe not a good idea? they are just duplicated so try removing the v1 or v2 tag before playing. Apologies if i`ve knackered anyone elses machine up with this. but you`d think if enabling both could cause problems you wouldn`t be able too
  6. I am loving this tune, takes me back to the days of cream and amnesia, proper danceygoodness, fully true to the original but expanded to what the original 4 channels of 8 bit couldn`t do, love the little hoovery builds and cheeky drops. not the perfect mix, i think the midrange and top end could do with being a bit more upfront and the engine samples (from the game i believe) could do with being filtered/eqd slightly, but they are minor quibbles on what is a great track. get yer driving shades on and download it now.
  7. okay, this is not so much a review as a reply to our humble siteops question about the sample at the start... its along story... the sample is from a film called the acid house (channel 4 films) that i saw at the cannon classic here in birmingham, in the foyer there was an old spaceharrier machine that got a few creds before i watched the film. While i was remixing i couldn`t get the film out of my head, so got it on DVD, then in some sort of hazy state i decided to put a sample from the film into the tune... Originally the remix was going to be called half killed by acid that was a very stringy/upfront acid house affair, but as it progressed (after listening to and being influenced by resurection by PPK - space club mix) it got a more spacey feel, less stringy, more synthy... At the time i finished it I loved it, now i`m not so sure, there were 4 versions of this mix done, this one, an industrial version called mogadon, the semi finished half killed by acid and a more or less straight midi version... in retrospect the criticism on here is more than fair (tho at the time i finished the tune i`d have probably wanted to slap sum1 - was on a new tune buzz > a more upfront mix was definately needed. Oh, and a credit needs to goto sid/zerozillion getting things started in the first place he came up with the cool hard synth that i used in the intro. Have i rambled on for long enough now? can i go?
  8. I cannot express in words how this remix makes me feel. But i`ll try. some people do incredibly flash remixes that sound like they came straight out of a tip-top pop studio in stockholm. others do grungy, dirty mixes that sound like they came from under someones bed. This one seems to be created using pure emotions. It actually puts in musical form the emotions i felt when i first played lemmings on the Amiga. I was lucky enough to get an A500+ amiga for christmas, way back in 1993(i think), featuring the cartoon classics software pack. This tune takes me back to that cold winter in a warm house, playing lemmings (which back then was the gaming equivalent of crack cocain). I remember being totally overwhelmed by my amiga that year, my last c64 had died 3 months earlier and i`d asked for another one for christmas. I was expecting a c64, not the classic cream and brown model but the lesser tan and cream c64c that incorperated the later (MUCH inferior) revision of the SID. Instead i got (for the time) a monster of a machine that blew me away. I mean it changed my life. The music from lemmings, even now makes me go a bit gooey, but this remix is just so spot on perfect for the tune. I must have listened to it more than a hundred times since i downloaded it a couple of years ago. I considered remixing this tune myself, but then gave up. I know that i will never do a version this good. Its not about technical skills or orchestration. In any other tune that overused break would have sounded lame. but here it just fits like a glove. the clean synths with slight resonant changes are simple but perfect. The reverb is just enough, not bouncing all over the place and not stopping to short. Everything from the original tune that needed to be there is there. I can`t recomend this tune highly enough. For me personally its close to being the best tune on here (tho i haven`t downloaded them all so don`t hold me to it) Download it NOW! Then listen to it Then SMILE!
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