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  1. Well, I still need to wait for my next payment, then my headphones can be repaired.

  2. Hello Jewbei, since I can't write you a PM I'll write you here.

    I've got a quick question about your Megaman 8 remix. What did you use to get it so spacious? There's obviously more to it than panning and reverb, am I right?

    I hope you will answer my question, unless I've touched one of your most treasured secrets :razz:



  3. Ok, than it was really just the surroundings and not the mic itself, perhaps you should record in a smaller room because of the reverb. Well, I'm just a noob myself, I haven't got any approved remix on this side, but in my opinion you should learn how to mix vocals. There's this concept of "ducking" which puts the background music slightly behind the instrumentals. I haven't used much vocals yet, only UTAU just once, because I for myself can't sing. My girlfriend can, but I have no mic (yet) to use her voice for a vocal track.

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