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  1. this was a really fun remix to do. shout out to halc man he has mad rapping skills!
  2. Sup everyone. Posting a track im working on. i'll be subbing this in a few days. its almost done. Enjoy! Download from Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/jewbeii/jewbei-golden-sun-the-elemental-stars-trance-remix-ver-2 or https://www.dropbox.com/s/cigx1jxhuvpvbjt/Golden%20Sun%20-%20The%20Elemental%20Stars%20%28Trance%20ReMix%29_5.mp3?dl=0
  3. its about damn time! finally! guys i know this is beta but i am really annoyed at the fact that all of my mixes say "possibly techno" i dont even make techno music. I am a trance artist. lol. Also you should def include the sub genre's of trance like progressive trance or melodic trance or hell if you dont want to go through all of that just throw in "Trance"
  4. Thanks Digi! It took me a few years (about 2) to get the hang of slow tempos and whatnot. But this song tempo is 130. I've made rap beats in 90bpm and believe me it took me a long while to get used to that tempo range.
  5. Thanks man! I was a lil skeptical on making something like this, but it came out pretty good.
  6. I am feeling this track! i love the dance-ish nature of this track. really has my head bopping! great job Timmie! I am impressed that this was done with FL Defaults.
  7. Sup everyone?? its been a long while! My last release was back in 2011 for the wild arms project. Since then i took some time off from making trance music and decided to get back into my roots which is making rap beats, Although i grew up listening to early 90's dance music and trance in the late 90's, I've always had a soft spot for rap. This is my very 1st collab! and i couldnt had picked a better person! I've known halc for over 12yrs im glad we have finally did something together. Enjoy! Be on the lookout for new stuff from me! (download from soundcloud) Link: https://soundcloud.com/halc/jewbei-dr-halc-icebreaker
  8. normally i dont comment on remixes, but i have to say PR you are the man! i really enjoyed this remix. The sounds are very full and thick and takes up the sonic space very well and in a good way. Keep up the good work!
  9. hey wassup guys?? it has been a while since ive been round here. all is well i am fine im still making music. infact i just got my degree in audio production/ audio engineering last month thats why you guys havent been hearing from me. Anyways this is a original track i made for my to honor my mom she had died back in June of 2006 from lung cancer. I used to make her songs every year but about 5yrs ago i just got discouraged and i had stopped so now i wanted to actually put everything that i learned into this track plus its been over 5yrs since i have wrote my mom a track. Well enjoy guys and please comment id love to hear what you guys thought of the track. Remix is coming soon! until next time, peace! Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/cgjqc0xdia17qji/Jewbei%20-%20Teardrops%20Of%20Yesterday%20%28FINAL%29.mp3
  10. wow so bLiNd and me influenced this track? i can definitely hear the influences. what i liked about the track was the bass and the fact you've kept up with the energy i also loved your sound choices good job on that too! keep up the good work!
  11. ive had this on loop since it was posted and i must say you've done a great job! im secretly a fan of your work been listening to you ever since you popped on OCR. your music really speaks to me, thats what i love about your music the most. keep up the good work cant wait to see what you have up your sleeves.
  12. sadly i missed the deadline ...and i only had bout a min worth anyways so i wouldve lost.
  13. i checked the bracket but it seems it wasnt updated.... who am i going up against?
  14. The Sonic compo isn't starting until the Street Fighter compo is over, so you don't have to worry about them overlapping if you want to join!

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