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  1. Need some feedback for this. :3 http://soundcloud.com/creast/bat-country-extended
  2. My second post.. the first was some 8bit drum n bass track, but this is now a very different style of musik <3 my first metaltrack longer than 2min! used shreddage (best virtual guitar ever made!!) <3 http://soundcloud.com/creast/death-is-just-the-beginning PS: the mixing is baaad.
  3. Isn't it a bit too early to talk about a soundtrack? Nice track NintenJoe, but its a bit too overloaded for an soundtrack I think..
  4. Used FL Studio, Massive(<3) and some drum samples. the 8bit was the initpatch from massive.(where I get the inspiration) :3 But I have the problem of short tracks.. 1:22min is long compared with my other works.
  5. Some 8bit synth mixy drum and bass track. It's the first on ocremix. I'm planning to start with remixing, to learn about game music.. and get inspiration. :3 Enjoy. It's short, not very good, but enjoy. http://soundcloud.com/creast/creast-jumpin
  6. Heeey, need the BADASS Synth from your Nuclear Flash

    Aww, nice! A Fruity Loops user~ :3

  7. Nice, but I only love the badass synth from 0:42 to 0:56 in combination with the orchestral hits, reminds me of bossbattles in Contra, Metal Slug etc. Anyone knows the name of that synth? Unfortunately I'm pretty bad at sounddesign
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