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  1. There's a little ditty I made back when I was using the demo that I'm very attached to.
  2. Okay, so a question not about FLStudio, but the samples that come with it. yes, I know they're all overused, and that almsot anyone can identify them in no time at all. But does anyone know if said samples are free for use? i.e. if I put together a little musical group and made a CD, could we sell the CD? (sorry, best place I could find to put the question)
  3. This song is unbelievably awesome. It shows great understanding of theory, it balanced almost perfectly, done in a style lacking on OCR... DOWNLOAD this 2 minute 40 second masterpiece now.
  4. Note on FruityLoops: The demo allows you to export WAV, MP3 and MIDI files.
  5. Darr... okay, where do I drop VSTi plugins, and how do I get them to operate? I've got a zip open, I'm looking at a .dll file... where should I go from here? (FLStudio 4, BTW)
  6. Thanks... although, 64 FX tracks... at 8 slots a track... if we're counting Master and Sends with that... That's 512 slots. That would MURDER my clunky computer. Wow. Thanks for the help, though...
  7. Duh... I've been working with the demo of FruityLoops 3.5.4, but I just heard of FL Studio 4. I've been looking to buy the most expensive version of one, and I was wondering, is their any difference? Studio looks better, but I haven't used it as long, so... any advice? (thinks this should go in this thread, as both are FruityLoops products...)
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