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  1. Hey, thanks alot. I think the horns are lacking aswell. Might have to add some volume attack/decay for the longer notes. I'll figure something out.
  2. Very early stages. WIP. First time i've ever done anything in this style. I'm aiming for a live-feel. More humanizing needs to be done for sure (especially the guitar) but this is very early stages, mind you. Atleast I rarely have to worry about velocities since I'm playing everything live. It's the timing errors that screw things up. The piano turned out fine anyway. (No big timing issues). Maybe I got lucky there. Who knows? Enjoy.
  3. Okay. Good critisism. As for the mechanical piano, I aimed for a disco-feel, the piano sample is the (in)famous " Piano 8' " Dance piano from the Korg M1 heard on SO many albums from the 90's. It's not really supposed to be realistic. Dancable, extended groove. That's what I call this song. I love the samples because they have that retro feel to them. They sound good to me, although I admit I was being a little lazy on the overall mastering. I played everything live, of course. It's never spot on though, so I have to rely on quantising. Thanks for fixing the thread title. I appreciate it.
  4. I like it so far. Nice build-up. I like the samples. Looking forward to the finished version. From what I've heard it's going to be epic. If you can pull it off, of course. (I'm not doubting you. )
  5. Really clever use of the Uh! sound from Mario. I might have to "borrow" that for some music of my own. Even if it's not Mario related! I like the groove. This song is a little "different" but I totally like that. I'm digging this. Well done. The Synths and sound effects was definately the best part, though. Crazy. The beat got a little repetetive around the last minute or so. Keep making stuff!
  6. Yaay! First ReMix people. I hope you like it! It's a ReMix of the Kerning City music from MapleStory. Waiting for the Judges' approval. Lots of subtle changes going on. Like the bass getting fattened up. Also some teases in there. Like the piano part 2 bars before the key change, and then you're like.. Wait.. Shouldn't the piano part continue here? And then the key change comes in and you're like: Ahh! Tease! As the Piano part continues. (doubled with the organ of course) Hey, could someone please put MapleStory in the title of the post so they know which game this is from before opening the
  7. Hello, OCRemix. New member here. About to post my very first ReMiX on this very site. Looking forward to getting to know you guys and gals. Also looking forward to giving some nice feedback and constructive critisism. I want to give as much help as I can, and I hope to recieve some too, when need arises. Peace. Twitch.
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