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  1. Mega Man 3 'Blue Lightning' I like everything about this mix except the bit rate, and the length. I mean I see why he lowered the bit rate to 96, for the sake of keeping the song 8 minutes and 40 seconds long. But I’m questioning whether that length is really necessary. Regardless of my opinions of quality, this mix still has its saves. The synths and the bassline for example, really make my day. Thanks for a very nice and long mix, Disco Dan.
  2. Super Mario Land 'Reel Big Mario' This sounds like a band. It also sounds very big, and very live. What an excellent job with this mix, jaxx and Kaijin.
  3. Heroes of Might & Magic II 'The Meadows' This is sweet. And do you know why it’s sweet? Because it’s a very nice Heroes of Might & Magic 2 mix, which just happens to be from a game I really like. Biased much? Yeah, probably, but this is still a very well done mix. I do have to say that there is a static sound that seems to coincide with the bird samples that I don’t like much and the snare (I think) drum doesn't seem to fit with the other instruments, besides that it is nice. Good work Orkybash.
  4. Final Fantasy 'Matoya's Grave' In this mix Deimos has some very interesting instrumentation. With the melody, he moves smoothly from instrument to instrument with intent on slowly but surely (and dramatically) reaching the final destination. If you’re thinking I’m interpreting this as a journey, well then you got me. It’s very soft and soothing, very easy to listen too. Love the piano work, Deimos, and great job.
  5. Sonic the Hedgehog 'Lightning Star' Wee, its punk! Something even my crazy sister could appreciate, not like all of this techno crap I listen to. And I must say this one is very nice. It is high energy head banging on the way in and Hawaiian skirt swinging mellow on the way out. Excellent mix, jaxx, well done.
  6. Street Fighter II 'Ryu Interpretation' It starts off with a quick harp pattern with the repeating delay, and I just can’t say that it’s going to work for me. The reverb on the drums also seems a tad heavy. Around 1:36 most of the instruments go silent and the harp is not as overwhelming, this is the one part in the song that doesn't make my skin crawl. Sorry Mr. Malcolm, but I’m afraid this one doesn't work for me.
  7. Wizards & Warriors 'Grosse Lederhosen' This one is interesting to say the least, a very upbeat loud kick electronic sound. The only thing I can say that I don’t really take to is the arpeggio that starts at about 2:53 and completes the song. The instrument used for it sounds too much like it’s just a drum with no pitch change at all. Besides that, the rest of the mix is great, right up my ally. I especially like the Pulp Fiction sample, nice touch Grodan Grobi.
  8. Super Mario World 2 & 1, Super Mario Bros. 1 & 3 'What the Funk?' This is totally awesome. A good paced mix with a couple of transitions to different tunes from Mario Bros. games. But it doesn't stop there, its vocal samples of Mario himself. And what do you know, Mario snores, who’d of thought? Great work LousySpy, keep it up.
  9. Final Fantasy VII 'Fighting (7/8 Jazz Spiritual)' This is a really nice piece of work, although I can’t say I’d like to listen to a lot of this genre, this mix is well done. Except, what gets at my nerves at the back of my spin, is when people put vocals in a mix, spoken word, lyrical, sung, or otherwise, and they are not audible enough to understand. I’m repeating this mix over and over trying to get what is being said, but I can’t make sense of it. Either make it audible, or leave it out, because it’s a major annoyance. Good stuff, Lau, just pump up the volume on your mic some.
  10. Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past 'The Goddess Appears (Trinity)' This is a sweet mix with a nice moderate tempo, and an inventive attitude. I say inventive because once he gets it going, Jason Litrio, seems to like to play with the tune and exchange or add in new instruments, as well as tweak the arrangement a little. Nice once, Mr. Litrio, and keep it coming.
  11. Super Street Fighter II 'Cammy's London Drizzle' McVaffe, as always, lays out an awesome tune here. He certainly doesn't leave much room more that our ears could desire than what he gives out. I love the simple guitar tune that plays when ever the lead wind is not playing. It’d be really cool to hear more done with that. And for my final note on this; once again, an awesome mix, by McVaffe.
  12. Silent Hill 2 'Static Aversion' This one is going to take some eccentric souls to appreciate, but then I know a lot of people here are eccentric anyways. At some points the static gets unnervingly freaky, but noting the subject matter of the game, I’m sure that striking fear into peoples souls was part of CotMM’s intention (as his intention with almost everything he does). The work with the guitars in this mix is absolutely superb. This is a real piece of work by Children of the Monkey Machine and Steve Pordon.
  13. Metroid 2 'Metroid Sonata (Movement 2)' *Speechless* Uhm... wow. Let’s see, how can I really describe this one? It is spooky, defiantly spooky. And it’s defiantly excellent. I’m not sure what else I can add to that. Mustin, and mellogear, that was amazing, and a really excellent piece of work. Let me go reflect on this experience for about an hour before I do anything else.
  14. EarthBound 'Venus-Signed Banana Peel' There are some songs that are poorly done, where you feel the artist could have poured a whole lot more work into it. There are others that are excellently composed, but really, we've heard it all before. But then there are the songs that seriously jump at you, and make you go "Wow! What the hell was that? Bring that back here again!" This one defiantly, and I mean DEFINITELY, meets the latter criteria. Here we have a unique collaboration arranged and performed with much pizzazz by Injury, and by Aquas who wrote these stunning lyrics. If you download this one, even if you don’t like it much, I’m sure you’ll agree that you haven’t heard anything like it for a long time. I doubt you’ll here another one like this for a while, either, so you better savour it while it lasts.
  15. Pulseman 'Stereo Superhero' One thing about electronic genres is that they can get repetitive. Not just in one song but between songs. That is one thing I think Steve Pordon does a good job of avoiding here, is sounding just like something else we've all heard before. Instead he whips us up something with a lot of 303, nice weaving tunes, and some experimental samples to keep us on our toes. Nice work Steve, keep it up.
  16. Zelda II 'Hipccordian' I didn't like this game one bit. I thought that the side scrolling was a serious down fall on the part of Nintendo, and not only that but I found the game to be way too hard (maybe because I sucked?). This mix, on the other hand, I can relate too. I click the organ, the accordion, and that smooth wind instrument. Good job, AmIEviL, keep this stuff coming.
  17. StarTropics 'Test of Island Courage' This is quite different feel then most mixes here, because it’s very spacious, and comes at you from all directions. It seems a tad quiet, but it’s not too bad in that way. I like the instruments used here, very clean sounding. Overall a great mix from Fairlight, keep up the good work.
  18. Zanac 'Space Dance' Right from the lift off this is a quick, high energy mix right until the final beat. It’s got awesome electronic sounds and a good tune. I do kind of wish that it was a little higher quality and maybe more to it but its good all the same. Nice mix, Insomnic.
  19. Secret of Mana 'Cry from the Forest' A sweet little piano piece with a range of other instruments as well. A little soft for my tastes but it is excellently arranged, and I love the way this climaxes. Excellent piece Mustin and Kassie!
  20. Rygar 'On Rhodopa Mountain' I’m trying to decide whether that high sharp piercing sound is bagpipes or just a funky high pitched scream, or even more likely, neither. I must say that this mix is trying my patience, because I’m also trying to decide whether or not I like that high sharp piercing sound. Being of Scottish background, I do tend to like traditional Scottish instrument, but that sound doesn't sound like its traditional, Scottish, or an instrument, so I suppose that answers my first decision. And as for my second, I have to say this; a little experimentation can be good, at times, but a lot can get you into trouble. Nice try, Mazedude, but tone that down a bit, please.
  21. Sonic & Knuckles 'Hidden Palace (Master Emerald)' Yummy, this is what I’m talking about. Nice and soft, easy to listen to, but just enough spunk to keep the excitement alive. I love these drums and the Oboe is a nice touch. Nice work, LeeBro.
  22. Final Fantasy VII 'Aeris Summer Samba' I've never really listened to Samba before, but this mix sounds nice. One thing I must complain about is the bit rate, 128 kbps is barely acceptable in most cases, but 96 kbps kills the sweet sound of many instruments. A constant 160 kbps or encoded in Variable Bit Rate mode is what I’d love to see everyone encode there music in, but I guess with file size and bandwidth issues I can’t have everything my way. Besides that it does sound like a good mix. Keep up the good work, Lau, just increase your bitrate.
  23. Super Mario World 'Swanky Vegas' This is excellent, very Swanky, and very Vegas. And why go to Vegas too loose all your cash when djpretzel can bring all the swank right to your computer? To me, this song feels like it’s the essence of what djpretzel and other remixers have in mind when they post music here on Overclocked. That is that they are taking old tunes from systems that lacked the capabilities to create such beautiful sounds, and then give those tunes those beautiful sounds that they lack, and so badly need. In the process bringing to life memories, that for many of us, come straight from our childhoods. As always djpretzel, keep up this excellent work.
  24. Street Fighter II 'Freestyle Dojo' Leave it to McVaffe to take any conglomeration of instruments and make them work together to produce a sound as vibrant as this one is. I've said before that I love pieces that have a sound grabbed from foreign cultures (especially Asian,) and while this cultural sound is less evident in this one then in others, it still grabs me and makes me long for more. And how about that 303, or whatever it is. I just can’t get enough of that sound. McVaffe, keep doing whatever it is you’re doing, because it’s working excellent, as usual.
  25. Streets of Rage 2 'Bar Hopping' This is a nice jazzy little piece by jaxx. Very energetic and a piece I’d probably appreciate even more if I was drunk after hitting several bars on the city mile. I’m not sure how jaxx produces his music, but this certainly sounds like live instruments. However it was done, he’s got some mad skill. Keep it coming, jaxx, my ears are open.
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