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  1. ..this is Kefka? Is it even FF6? It's hard to tell. Kickin song, but, feels more original than remix to me. If it weren't for that piece of FF6 boss music in there and the fact it has Kefka in the file name, you can't even tell this is even a FF6, let alone Kefka, mix! Don't get me wrong, it's a well made song, it just feels as though the original has been lost in all this.....but hey, it makes the playlist cause it's got quite the beat to it and, again, isn't too bad a song. Recommended jes to chill to.
  2. BT made a song with this same name on Ima Disc 1 FYI :] Anywho, the remix aint too shabby. Tis worth the download for sure. Good piece of techno to jes kick back n hang out too. Not really any parts in it where it kicks up. It feels like a backdrop to the mind..or something like that. Am I getting too metaphysical? ;;
  3. Seemed a bit slow-paced for my taste. I'm also having trouble seeing the relation to Zero here. It's not too bad a remix, don't get me wrong. It jes seems, lazy? (the mix, not the mixer) And that's quite the surprise ending there, the MegaMan2 theme tossed in, talk about variety.
  4. Was is inspiration, or was it boredom? At this point, I'm luaghing too hard to care. This is one talented remixer here. The sounds were a tad loud and ear-piercing at parts, but otherwise not too bad. A for creativity, add a plus for making my night while I study for finals.
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