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  1. well i listened to all of them and i have to say that they are well done. but the villian theme even though i know it's not his main theme i don't think it would work in a cutscene with him either...i just think it's too light=hearted to be an enemy's theme
  2. I listened to all of them and the quality isn't that bad but in someof the covers I don't hear the source at all and others sounded too much like the original to be excepted on OCRemix. I liked them though regardless but I don't think OCRemix will except them
  3. I really like it but I think the first transition is a bit awkward. But keep at it and hopefully I'll be able to hear a full version soon.
  4. I suggest you go through with it but the way you used the main Zelda theme at the end was kind of awkward
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