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  1. My update may or may not have been delayed by the game's update but also I'm working on a webpage version of the update since 10 images per post is going to mean a dozen posts to post all the screenshots I took. Also I feel it's going to be very important to have the full update posted before I post the save, for reasons that will become obvious once it's posted. Here's a bit of a teaser: e: I'll try to have the writeup posted at least to the point where I can post the save before the weekend. Also We have #df registered on espernet now. Come join us for .34 discussion and cat-based fram
  2. Two squads of five are assigned. One squad of melee fighters stands guard at the gate while the marksdwarves run out and attack the speargoblins. The remainder of the dwarves are told to take refuge in the dining hall while the remaining goblin threat is dispatched. The fight is on. ---- I was going to do season-by-season posts, but there was so much in the initial situation that I decided to post the first day now. The rest of Spring will probably be posted today at some point.
  3. [Note: Any opinions on previous overseers are purely those of the character being portrayed and not that of myself. But seriously, what the hell is with those stone traps] [also note I'm still uploading the images so you may need to refresh about 15 minutes after this post] Click images for big The diary of Xerol Ducimgidthur, Overseer of Prisonshanks, Year 255 1st Granite I can't remember anything. This isn't entirely true. I know, for a fact, that I've recently had excellent food and drink, and I have my own personal dining room and bedroom of excellent quality, which includes a very
  4. Put me down for an overseer role. What kind of time limit will there be for playing your year? More often than not I've had SGs die on me when someone doesn't show up for their turn and no one's sure how much time to give them before passing it off to someone else. I guess it's about time I updated to .25 and the latest version of Therapist; I've been running .23 and the version of Therapist that was out at that release. Does Therapist still crash if you try to turn off beekeeping? Also you may need to prod me in IRC about this since I rarely come to these forums anymore.
  5. I'm working on a custom map, can anyone help me out with finding a place to test it?
  6. BTW, if anyone has any good quality video/audio/photos of just about anything, PM me so I can give you the FTP info.
  7. Ok, I'll clear things up here. (1) We cannot possibly 'make' any more badges. This is due to the Fire Code and the overall capacity of the hotel. (2) To TRANSFER a badge (I believe the badge must have already been paid for), you need to contact Eli. I'm not sure if he wants his email given out so either PM me or get on the MAGFest IRC: http://magfest.org/irc (3) To transfer a hotel room, you should call the hotel. We can't do anything about that.
  8. The overflow hotel block was extended again; this always happens, without fail, every year. The hotel allots a certain number of rooms, we fill it, they add more rooms, repeat. Above all else, check the website and even after that call the hotel. (Except for the Hilton, that's actually overbooked right now.)
  9. Last year everything was shifted forward a day; things kick in on Thursday (I think around noon but don't quote me on that) and end on Sunday, like M6-7 were. I'm arriving Wednesday and leaving Monday but I'm also setting up/tearing down tons of stuff.
  10. I picked this up on my own let's get some multiplayer going.
  11. I'm working on editing M8 video: Also since the old thread got axed here it is again: We don't have any good cameras this year, and I would like to borrow a few if anyone has any they don't mind lending out for a few hours. We especially need panel coverage so if you just want to operate your own camera in a panel room all day that's fine too, just drop by and give us a copy. Any equipment we borrow I'll take personal responsibility for and probably buy you a pizza or something too.
  12. I know nothing about most players outside of the AFC North, there's just too many people to keep track of. It takes like 30 seconds a week to make pickem picks.
  13. Fantasy's just too complicated for me, I wish there was some kind of game between the complexity of pickem and fantasy. So what's up with the turnout this year?
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