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  1. Life just doesn't have the same gloss when its not in 1080p =D

  2. Thats all I need another reason to get behind my TV =D

  3. Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom? sounds like a compilation fighter, similar to Marvel Vs. Capcom? They gotta call him a blue bomber for a reason! Grats on your collection arriving early!

  4. I dug out my PS2 copy of Mega Man X collection and raided my friends house the other day to get a good slug of nostalgic awesomeness, much to the same effect, I suspect. I don't remember a sheep man but the intro to the tune sounds like Elton John =D

  5. I can only presume this might make your day as much as it did mine when I saw the trailer kicking around here earlier this month. http://www.megamanfilm.com/

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