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  1. Loooooooooved it! Absolutely fantastic. Chorus especially, just really keen on the words. <3
  2. I read the entire comments list before submitting my own, and found another rendition of this source track done by Nekofrog. Nekofrog does better at making the source his bitch, in my opinion. With that out of the way... Sixto your solo is flat out awesome. I would have loved to hear more variation on your guitar rhythm, like what you pulled off (in closing) around the 4:05 mark.
  3. Just listened to Portisheads album Third, and one track, Machine Gun, is titular and reminscent to a few different VGM tunes I've heard. Anyone else out there know of any artists/tracks that are reminiscent of VGM?
  4. Rust In Peace, metal god. \m/ My bud called me about this after work yesterday so we took a few pils and went to the beach on a rainy afternoon, set up a boombox with Dio and started singing the classics. Metal pioneer and great humanitarian to boot! The world is a little less for his passing, but alot better for his time when he was with us.
  5. I didn't bother reading the OP linked marketing sham, but I'll touch upon the ones I remember: 1) Gyromite showcased a miniature version of Johnny 5 that helped you keep the good doctor alive in his hellish pipe dreams. Too bad my allowance at that age couldn't keep his E-tanks full 2) You wanna talk about gimmicky peripherals? N64! You don't need to look farther than the controller... I mean come on whats the point of the D-pad in 70% of the games. Gaming never gave me blisters until Mario Party 2 on N64. 3) I was ultra-stoked when first word of a multi-player Zelda reached me.... until I learned it required 4 GBAs, 4 copies of the game, and 3 $%$^*$%#^#$%^& Link cables! I mean COMON! (said like Gob) 4) Nintendo Wii requires periphery due to the design of it, but the one that irked me was the first party "zapper" gun mount for the Wiimote and nunchuck. It really only worked for rail shooters like House of the Dead, and for those, it worked wonders. GL in games like Resident Evil 4 though... better off saving your cash. 5) Game-specific keyboards have been available on the market for your various forms of MMO-crack, whichever flavor you favor. They all serve the same purpose. A fool and his money are soon parted. If you need a graphic printed directly on your number pad to tell you what the key does, then I hope to PvP Vs You in the near future. =-) I don't understand the hate people have for the Wiifit board. Granted I've only tried it with a rabbid rabbits game (they crack me up over there at Ubisoft) but I thought it was the cats meow!
  6. Life just doesn't have the same gloss when its not in 1080p =D

  7. I realized the majority of you listen to the video game music of the games your playing as you play them, but then I thought to myself, "Self! You do not listen to computer game music when you play computer games, as you have so much more music already playing!" So I ask, with no small amount of anticipation, what are some of the songs that get your gaming groove going when you listen to stuff published by non-VGM artists? I generally play strategy games or shooters on the ol' PC, so to that effect I love listening to classical or instrumental music like Apocalyptica or the Kronos Quartet for the former, industrial anger-filled audio like Nine inch Nails or Psyclon Nine for the latter. To name a few.
  8. Thats all I need another reason to get behind my TV =D

  9. Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom? sounds like a compilation fighter, similar to Marvel Vs. Capcom? They gotta call him a blue bomber for a reason! Grats on your collection arriving early!

  10. I dug out my PS2 copy of Mega Man X collection and raided my friends house the other day to get a good slug of nostalgic awesomeness, much to the same effect, I suspect. I don't remember a sheep man but the intro to the tune sounds like Elton John =D

  11. Just finished watching the movie, and I'd have to give the director props. I can't help but be giddy at the end of 90 mins of movie script that was actually faithful to the original story! Uwe Boll should pay these guys for directing lessons... props to Eddie Lebron for that. My critique? Glad you asked! Acting was more than I expected, and I'm being straight up... I didn't expect to see a Mega Man Movie, so I already win. Dr. Light could have used a few acting lessons for about the first 20mins or so, but seemed to get it down later in the movie. Roll played her part excellently... I don't remember her in game where she wasn't annoying as hell! Iceman won the award for COOLEST ROBOT MASTER. (Get it?) Elecman could have smiled a bit more for being the only effective boss that wasn't yellow devil. I can't stay positive and think about the CG fights - the spirit was there but there just wasn't enough meat on them bones. All in all, my overall opinion is thus - 1 Fanflick watched, childhood memories and glee are STILL INTACT! Good times. ...Electricity doesn't work against the blues, sucka!
  12. I can only presume this might make your day as much as it did mine when I saw the trailer kicking around here earlier this month. http://www.megamanfilm.com/

  13. Hahahahahahahaha*Gasp*aaaahahahaha. Good form! Your not pushing the envelope hard enough IMO, it only seems wrong your ignoring the one Robot Master who has dance moves of his own. Yes. Top Man. Can I haz video?
  14. I've beat FF13 and I'm working on the hunting missions now, 50 hours in. I can honestly say I haven't had this much fun in a FF game since 9, and no game has been this challenging since my first run through 8. (Damn you, third disc!!!) The paradigm system rules, imo. The thing I dislike is the return of the sphere grid via Crystarium. Considering the veritable horde of level up systems square has under their hood, I always felt the sphere grid was half baked at best. They must have known this, though, or they wouldn't have included gear levelling, too. Makes me thirsty for a racing RPG featuring standard transmission a la paradigm. You know what I mean. Oh yeah, and EXCELLENT soundtrack. Some of you brats need to realize without FATHER SQUARESOFT you wouldn't even have a leg to stand on comparing W/JRPGs. No respect for the elders. sheesh. THATS my two cents.
  15. Second favourite song from the best of the series, DKC2. But this isn't about me. You captured this songs' spirit in excellent form. You make me want to go rescue something in space! =D
  16. Personally I'm loving what you've done so far. =D as for ideas, extend the period between the two main melodies where you might be able to toss in some beat change funkiness. Gotta love the house-y phasing for the second melody that just sounds too good.
  17. Listed as the overworld track for world 5 at vgmusic.com (not linking as I believe it gets blocked anyways) Long time favourite track of this offensively difficult game from back in the day. I'm new here but what I've heard so far gives me great hope someone might try a spin on it? The potential for doom and gloom is great in this one.
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