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  1. Congratulations Silent on Such a wonderful song... Sure theres room for improvement, but as a first up effort this is an absolutely wonderful mix and makes me wanna scrap my first mix which im currently half through. We certainly need more Vocal in these mixes, sure most of the music that comes through this site is wonderful, we do lack vocal ( prolly cause none of us can sing ) because some of the best songs on this site i believe are the ones containing the vocal. Again congrats to Silent, we only hope u keep producing more like this n betta
  2. A brilliant piece kLuTz well done !! I love this theme and this is the best mix of it so far, a very nice original version on the piano. After a tale in piano i knew this had to be something great to better it, and it was. I always regarded McVaffe as the best pianist, however i think kLuTz is moving his way up there with him. Congrats kLuTz on your recent mixes well done
  3. I never heard of Russell Cox till i heard this mix.... then i checked out his others and realised another talent which has gone unnoticed, great mix, from a talented artist, keep em up cause i enjoy ur songs.