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  1. This is a really good remix. I almost passed this up seeing "progressive house" used so liberally in the tags and description, since that genre of music tends to be too drawn out and repetitive for my tastes. If this track didn't break itself up like it does—notably around the 2 minute mark—and made clever use of "Gato's Song" the way it does, this would have been the boring 4 minute loop waiting for the "Chrono Trigger" theme to kick in that I was expecting it to be.
  2. Never played these games, but recently discovered how great this piece is on the composer's orchestral "drammatica" album. When I stumble across awesome VG music, I usually come running to OCRemix to see what remixes/reinterpretations are available. I find this to be among the best compositions the SNES era had to offer, and there's not a single remix for it on here. Dear musically talented friends of OCR, please help correct this injustice. Edit:It was remixed for a later entry in the series, but the community here could do *so* much better
  3. On the project status? or any kind of update? It's been a quiet couple months on the thread and the project webpage..
  4. Right on. Hope it's something you can use if you ever get around to it. I'm doing Mega Man games right now, since I've been binging on the 9 & 10 OSTs and arrangement albums. Definitely not looking forward to having to organize the massive Final Fantasy OCR remixes into an album format, though...
  5. So, in my vast amounts of free time due to unemployment, I decided I wanted to get OCR music in my library and on my iPod. Thing is, I'm a tad OCD when it comes to music files, so I'm starting to batch edit OCR remixes into albums. Track #'s by chronological addition to the site, cleaned up titles to eliminate redundancy, etc. So in the end, it looks like: Much better to my tastes, though sadly media libraries aren't really meant to handle compilations that span across time, so it just shows the year of the earliest song. Oh well. ANYWHO, long story aside, thought I'd share my 5 second ph
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