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  1. Hey everyone, I'm a first time WoW player. I started about 3 days ago, and I'm addicted all the way. I'm a Human Paladin lvl. 22. I just got done playing one of the most intense and fun quests so far. It wasn't great because of the quest itself but rather how me and my friend completed it. I had hit level 20 sometime last night, and I was doing the Paladin class quest where you have to collect a few items so that Jordan can make a weapon for you. The first one was easy enough to get from the Deadmines in Westfall. It was when I tried to get the second item, a shipment of ore, that things got every interesting. The shipment of oar was hijacked by some ogres and taken into their camp in northeast Loch Modan. There were elite ogres lvl. 20-22 crawling EVERYWHERE, and no one in my guild or on my friends list was online to help except for this one girl, Myan, who had helped me out in a small quest when I passed by Auberdine in Darkshore. She was a lvl. 22 Night Elf hunter, and I asked if she could help me infiltrate the ogre's base. SHe agreed, and we set out. Man oh man, did we have fun. Like I said, the place was crawling with ogres, so we both had to sneak around the edges of the camp and watch the patrol routine so that we could pounce on one of the guards, pull back to get him away from the group, and dispose of him. It was like Metal Gear Solid in WoW. We eventually made it to the farside of the camp where a cave was located. We slipped inside, taking out the ogres guarding the door silently. There were ogre mystics and brutes everywhere, but we managed to dispatch them too using stealth. However, I couldn't find the shipment of ore for my weapon. Where was it? We sneaked out again, and lo and behold, near a tree was the crate I was looking for. So, we snuk around the edge of the area near the mountains, disposed of the guards, and took the item. Then, we snuk back out. It was the most fun I had in a quest so far. Just my friend and me against insurmountable odds. If either of us had been there alone, we would have died easily. We came close at one point, but we persevered thanks to my Paladdin skills and her Hunter abilities. Now I'm on my way to getting the next item. My experience may sound pretty trivial to the vets here, but just remember what it was like when you first installed the game (which took about an hour) and played through your first amazing quest. If anyone wants to hook up, I'm on the Alexstrasza server, and I go by Angelknight.
  2. oyyyyyyyy try fighting those green and red Weapons from ff7 without being prepared. you guys know what im talking about. i had to meticulously place my materia and plan out a strategy for each one. but oh how sweet it was when i killed all of them and reaped the rewards of those one slot materia that have all the spells in teh game in, all the sumons and all the skills. if theres is someone out there who hasnt beaten those Weapons, brush off the dust from your ff7 and get at it. its worth it