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  1. Ehm.. wasn´t this song released previously here? I listened to it about 30 minutes ago in my car while driving to work. oO Anyway, great remix, otherwise I wouldnt have burned it on CD for my car
  2. At the moment my most favorite song in my whole MP3/CD collection and that means ALOT! Just awesome! Thats it, awesome!
  3. I dont know this game but this remix is sick. Sometimes a bit too loud (@1:15), but still very very nice! Would like to see more guitar remixes..
  4. I have to admit, Ive been browsing here a long time but now I finally registered because of this awesome song! I bought Omega Five some months ago and managed to get the OST. First time I played this game I was just blown away by the stage 1 "The Glacial Fortress" song. Epic song imho! I bet Hiroyuki Iwatsuki, the creator of the original soundtrack, would also like this remix. Damn I cant stop listening to it. Thanks man, really! Awesome piece of art!