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  1. No problems G-Mixer - answered =)

  2. Sadly you could generate better lyrics by picking random words out of a dictionary than any attempt I could make!

  3. Hey MangaMan, (I usually just say, hey man lol)

    Thanks for the compliments. I'd be happy to contribute if you need any string parts, I haven't got any specific ideas to do a solo mix at the moment, but as you probably know - I do like zelda music =)

  4. I'm still around! =D

    Well, on the ocremix forums anyway...

  5. Haha you found me, thanks man =D

  6. Haha thanks Emunator! =D

  7. Haha thanjs Emunator, my convo with you prompted me to try out the Fable remix, looking forward to working more on it! Thanks =D

  8. Lucky I went down to Melbourne, so instead I got hit with 40+ C/100+ F heat instead haha.

    Nah things are all good here, although heard things are pretty chilly in some places over there! =)

  9. Hey linkspast, can we arrange a time to play our sc2 match, I think they are waiting for us =)

  10. Cool, thanks DjMustix ^^

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