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  1. This song is perfect to listen to at night on a balcony or under stars on a cool, light breezy night, Or as a slow dance song w/ your significant other, Or just in a romantic setting in general. This song, if it's missing anything, is just the environment factor. It's relaxing and calming, yes. But compare listening to it while in the subway/train or generally in a hectic area, versus listening to it under one of the given conditions above. That may just be the reason why the judges felt that something was missing. Not sure exactly how the remixers intended this song to be taken, but this is how I took it and that really brought it out to the best of it's potential for me.
  2. Hey djpretzel, here's the contemporary car commercial you talked about. I gotta say, the music sure teases w/ it's brief length, but it's perfect for the car commercial.
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