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  1. I wanna try, this will be perfect to learn and grow as an aspiring musician.
  2. I shared your latest Youtube video on the G3-radio Facebook page and on my own wall. I'll also create a post on the G3 site later today. Hope that helps. By the way, keep up the good work!
  3. Yeah, we played Lolo when we were little, so she knows. But I don't know about the others though.
  4. Yes! it looks like Bastion 3d I think
  5. My sister is studying videogame 3D and design at the university. Her and a group she was in just finished a videogame project. It was their first time but I think it turned out well. Anyway, here it is. What do you think guys? (note: They didn't have a programmer on their team so they had to make due with what they had.)
  6. Hello ocremix peeps. On Sunday the 24th 2pm eastern, I will interview WillRock. Brandon Strader will also be part of the show as he was the one setting up this interview. If you are interested in hearing nonsense and interesting facts , please tune-in at Later!
  7. naww, he's just a noob. But I'm gonna interview him anyway lol
  8. Hello ocremixers! Tuesday the 29th at 2 pm est (7 gmt), I will interview Brandon Strader from It will be an hour long interview, the J-rock show will proceed as usual afterward. So consider tomorrow’s show a 3 hours special. Go to to hear us talk about stuff!
  9. Bad news with Maybe I'm a Lion. Brandon Strader can't make it today cause something came up at the last minute. So we will have a regular show tonight. It will still be about video game music, cause I switched show on Sunday.
  10. Hello all, this is Vince_Kupo on I'll be interviewing Brandon on Tuesday the 15th of this month at 3pm eastern time. Tune in if you are interested to hear him get interrogated and in listening to great video game music. By the way, my show's name is Maybe I'm a Lion if you are wondering. See you there!
  11. My pleasure, we want to expand so I thought OCREMIX would be a good place to start XD
  12. Hello, I'm a DJ at " is an Internet Radio station focusing on all things geeky, with shows every night from 7pm (BST). We have a small but friendly community, our own forums, IRC, Youtube channel and game servers, plus a group of highly enthusiastic staff to run it all." I have a show about Video Game Music and I talk about different topics. You can get all the info here You can also join our FaceBook page Download previous shows here Tune in if you are interested!
  13. True, but you can't save in midi with notepad. Thanks for the suggestions, I also heard Auralia was good. But really, I like noteworthy, not too hard to use, easy to understand and since it's only to compose the midi tracks, I don't need something too complicated. All my remixing is done in reaper anyway. At first I thought my problem was with Noteworthy, but found out it was the soundfont vst, I didn't have any sound when I was importing my midi tracks. I changed it to sfz and everything works like a charm.