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  1. i love this.. powerful nostalgia, great live instruments, way to bring it back! seriously feels good man, i don't post too many comments but this mix does it for me! i've been an OCR fan for what, 10 years now? and this is as fresh as ever
  2. ....MOAR MOOOAAARRRR you and halc, man, too much good stuff between the two of you, I LOVE CHIPPPSS ;aksdfakld;a ..the sounds put me in my happy place and keep me sufficiently medicated to make it through another day, pushing all the negativity to the dark corners of my mind and keeping me on top great!
  3. this straight up ROCKS, AWESOME. Takes one of the most recognizable sources in game history and adds some HORNS, and by horns I mean these bad boys ';..;' or \m/()\m/ again, AWESOME, I blast this while riding my bike to school or for exercise or in my car or anywhere else you need to get some PUMP!
  4. wow, long-time lurker here, been visiting OCR for the last 10 years now (seriously! I still remember Chris Abbott's Arkanoid. I cannot believe how far this site has come!), and this is my first post. I was digging through the OCR archives and ran into this gem. Just had to say, this is a serious remix. TBH I never thought my first post would be coming for zircon (No offense! your earlier stuff didn't do it for me), but this is GREAT. Now I have to go through all of zircon's work to see what else I missed.. the last remix that made me feel this good was star salzman's singing robot anyway, have a nice day gents, thanks for a trip down memory lane zircon edit: After digging through archives, it seems I've somehow mistaken zircon for some other remixer that I cannot remember. How I missed this I have no idea, but just about everything zircon's made is golden. I think what happened is I was too entranced by some of the other remixers with more recognizable names to bother downloading anything new. Ohhhh I remember this was back before OCR had youtube previews on the mix description, back then I only downloaded mixes from specific remixers and almost completely ignored the rest if I didn't know them.. DJPretzel, adding the youtube previews was KEY btw Anyway moral of the story zircon rocks and you should download this right away ;(
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