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  1. Here is a song from well over a year ago I did with a live vocalist. The song was created for a story I am writing about the last human on earth. Enjoy.
  2. I have orchestrated the more dark and depressing themes of the amazing soundtrack into a dark medley. I have seen many live versions of the happier and main themes of the game, but rarely would they get the live treatment. I made this over a year ago with older instruments but it holds up quite well compared to others. Enjoy.
  3. I would love to get some voices to have for the Choir part of Doopliss's theme from "Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door." It's actually a pretty short part, but having voices, hopefully mostly the high octave women voices, would be greatly appreciated. I could also throw in some vocal solo's for the remix. The voices come in at :25. I can give the actual notes to practice with and such.
  4. Thanks. I did not wish to fully arrange it for a necessary remix. I just wanted to bring out the Earthbound music in a Cinematic sort of way. ;}
  5. The sequel to "Mother World." This is the Orchestrated arrangement of Earthbound, telling the story through music similar to the old Symphony days. For people who never played the Mother series, this is a great way to hear of its astounding soundtrack. To people who have played the series, I promise you will receive a Nostalgic attack. Original Composers: Hiroshi Kanazu, Keiichi Suzuki, and Hirokazu Tanaka. Enjoy ;}
  6. Are there any free Orchestra drum VST? The big pounding ones that you here in Epic movies and such. Similar to this example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HorHmfYWK10 Thanks. ;}
  7. What begins as a soft and final rest turns into a tragedy of wrath. I wanted to create a song with a light side trying to stay awake while the violent side slowly takes over. I created some strange emotion in the song, and hopefully people will like it more than I do. The ending is the dying flute attempting to finish the main theme while it resides in its One Eternal Dream. Enjoy ;} http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/384438
  8. I would gladly use the Violin person. Seeing how the song I'm creating right now uses a majority of it. ;}
  9. If you're looking for an engaging Orchestra soundtrack than I could do it for you. I could also add in some Techno/synth in it if you want some.
  10. I really need a new Chrous VST. The one is Mixcraft really is not that great. Any Chorus VST's that are not super mega expensive because I really have no money.
  11. If I can't do Bowser's Rage, I'll do the "Title Theme" if it's up for grabs.
  12. I'm reuploading it to the site right now. (It will replace the file that is already there.)

    I changed the chorus part and the fad in to (Super mario world theme) a little better.

    The transition back into the Doopliss them at 1:25 ish is supposed to be kind of (AT once) and scary because of the nice Music box rythem before hand.

    I took your advice though, and fixed some issues. Thanks, and please let me know how you like the change.

  13. Thanks, (UPDATE) Bells are slightly more continued. Fixed it. 0:32 The Chorus I re-wrote completely to fit my version better. (Sounds pretty amazing now.) ;} The transition is replaced slighty more better (yet still creepy) that goes into the music box at 1:08. The second transition at 1:30 remains unchanged because it is supposed to literally jump at you in a scary way. So the transition would not be to altered.
  14. A Haunting Orchestrated remix of the Doopliss Theme from Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door. I believe this is my best upbeat and psycho unbalanced song yet. I remixed it with some random yet comparable pieces and wanted to give it a "In your face" sort of haunting feel. Original Composer: Yoshito Hirano Enjoy ;} http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/378095
  15. Thanks. I'm using Mixcraft and writing each note to replicate the song takes nearly forever. So I'm hoping to get a better program soon. (That I can afford)
  16. An Orchestrated Arrangement of the Donkey Kong Country 2 World. Nearly 9 minutes of nostalgic and new experience. The Donkey Kong Country series has some of the most amazing music, and it's a great feeling to be able to help highlight some of it's magic. Tracks within the Medley. 1. Title Screen 2. Map Theme 3. Lockjaw's Saga 4. Krook's March 5. Forest Interlude 6. Stickerbush Symphony. Original Composer: Dave Wise. Enjoy. ;}
  17. Calum: Thanks for the tips. The Celeste notes I borrowed from some sheet music, though It even sounded slightly different on there. I can see what you mean about the D-G strings. It was a good for the mood, but also differs slightly. 2:02 I didn't quite get the rise I was going for sadly. The woodwind at 3:00 seems to be right for me, (Though if it's just me than I'll have to second look it.) Thanks and glad you enjoyed. ;}
  18. Shake: For the Saxophone I could not find a reverb that would justify it, though after at least 6 versions I could not find one that made it sound any better. Also: I never put in the song (Because I loved you) since it's from Earthbound. (Mother 2). Docnano: Taken in mind, thanks. ExoByte: I added loads of Velocity changes (though many are very minor), since they were applied to mostly the Flutes and Strings, They are not as noticeable as I would want. Thanks all.
  19. After nearly a month of composing, I have created a massive nearly 10 minute arrangement from the classic game Mother (Earthbound Zero). So far, this is easily my best and most beautiful song Arrangement yet. I wanted to capture the same emotion using instruments that could transition from soft to epic proportions. http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/355735 Enjoy ;}
  20. Thanks for the input. I've been slightly sloppy with some of the melodies in this. It would be nice to have someone to work with on this song, and my King K. Rool song. I use Mixcraft 5. It's the only program I can use for free. If I had more money I would defentaly get a better sounding one. Anyways, if someone would like to help me polish those two songs up, I could fix them, and be better prepared for my future songs. Thanks.
  21. This is my orchestrated remix of "Mayahem Temple" From Banjo Kazooie. It's in a medley format with a few different variations of the song. Enjoy. ;} http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jz2uBG8AUZ8
  22. Thanks and no worries. It was difficult at the time to get some parts to flow together better. The creepy tone kind of backfired a little bit.
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