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    I am a music major aspiring to one day compose music for video games. OverClocked Remix is a dream come true for me - a pinnacle of inspiration.
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  1. One of my favorite themes from one of my favorite games, I was really impressed with this remix. The orchestral sounds are amazing, and I really like the use of 7/8 meter throughout. Key change at the end was awesome - really got me pumped!! Well done arrangement. Excellent adaptation of the theme.
  2. Man, metal is SO much better when people don't sing. This mix is great; it almost sounds like a Mega Man tune because of the awesome stylistic interpretation. I can listen to that stuff, as well as this mix, all day!
  3. I listen to many OCRemixes of varying styles; I look at each with an open mind. I particularly favor the heavy rock ones and the symphonic ones from various Nintendo games like Donkey Kong and Zelda. I felt the need to say that this piece of orchestral mastery is but one of the very best I have ever heard. The orchestration is wonderful, and the variations are among the most creative adaptations of the famed Zelda theme. I can only hope that one day I will be able to create something this beautiful.