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  1. Back in 7th Grade I began programming my own video games. Along the way, I realized that I needed some temporary background music for the games, so I searched online and discovered the music of Final Fantasy. I was so inspired by the soundtracks, that I decided to become a music composer from then on. As of today, I have had two pieces commissioned by the Los Angeles Philharmonic as a part of the LA Phil Composer Fellowship Program, and one upcoming commission from the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra. I am now headed off to the USC Thornton School of Music for Music Composition. Thank you so much, Uematsu-san!!
  2. Hey I know it's been a while but, remember about 6 months ago how you wanted a copy of my Aerith's theme score transcription? Can you PM me your email address and I'll send it to you.

  3. Haha, thanks! Yeah it was definitely a memorable moment. I haven't really had time for the main theme, but I hope to get to it by the summer. I've been writing a lot for orchestra lately
  4. wow, I haven't been here in a while. I wonder if it's ok to bump my topic...
  5. I think Hamaguchi is as great as Uematsu himself. I'm just sad that he doesn't get as much credit for his hard work. Uematsu, I believe is an awesome composer but when it comes to orchestration, he isn't as strong. I like Liberi Fatali, Don't Be Afraid, Fisherman's Horizon, Balamb Garden, Eyes On Me, Love Grows, The Oath, FFVIII Ending Theme, FFVII Main Theme, Opening-Bombing Mission, Aerith's Theme, Cloud Smiles, and Theme of Love (FFIV). The FFVII Piano Collections is also great, 3 tracks directly used in Advent Children.
  6. Thanks! Yes, this is a transcription done by ear, although towards the middle I changed the orchestration a little bit. Square Enix never released the orchestral score to the public so I think it'll be one of my goals this summer to transcribe a couple of the Hamaguchi orchestrations. I'm currently working on the Final Fantasy VII Main Theme.
  7. Thanks! Sorry, I'm actually kind of hesitant in posting the score anywhere on the web right now because I may want to use it for a resume, please don't take it personally Haha, I was pretty nervous conducting, it was my second time, in fact my first time with large orchestra. Thanks for the feedback though, I'm probably going to take conducting lessons this summer. He's actually not a "douchebag" in person, trust me haha
  8. Since there aren't any scores publicly available and I love this piece so much, I transcribed/arranged/conducted Aerith's Theme for symphony orchestra for my school orchestration final project. It was our first and only run-through so don't expect a concert. And because of our project guidelines there is no piano or harp, sorry
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