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    I enjoy playing video games, making remixes of game music in GarageBand (although I would like something better but still easy to use), and my alternate Internet nickname is Goombill Rezne Koopario. You may know who I am from some websites like McCleodGaming, Newgrounds and the There Will Be Brawl fan forums. I hope you enjoy any remixes I upload to this site, and you can check out some of my other music at the Newgrounds Audio Portal (just search "Goombill" under "Author").

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  1. I'm going to be perfectly honest; I didn't like this at all. The vocals quickly became a chore to listen to, and the melody just didn't seem to fit the original song. I know one version is techno (kinda) and the other is rock-n'-roll, and I do like the idea of a somewhat acoustic version, but this one just didn't work for me. Also, "Absolution Comes in Dreams"? Doesn't this seem a bit redundant (and kinda fake)? If you liked this, that's great, more power to you, but IMO, I was expecting better, especially since this is OCRemix we're talking about, and LeeBro, a remixer on this site, did an amazing job on the original song, and "Dreams of an Absolution" is, itself, a fantastic song. I apologize if I sound like an ass, but this is my honest-to-God opinion, and hopefully, constructive criticism. 4/10.
  2. I'm working on a remix of the Starlight Zone song from Sonic 1, but I need some people who can play a few instruments: - Guitar (Acoustic) - Bass (Acoustic) - Vibraphone (or Xylophone, whatever it's called) (Covered, will be played by Rebecca Sangreal) - Piano - Strings (Covered, will be played by Rebecca Sangreal) - Flute I'll be covering bongos, maracas, and vocals. I'll compose the remix ASAP.
  3. FINALLY! A Labyrinth Zone remix!!! With amazing work fitting in sound effects as well as the "Gasping For Air" theme (as well as it being accepted on OCR), this is by far the best Labyrinth Zone remix you will ever find. Period.
  4. Yeah, I could use one. Probably not for a while, but I'll let you know when I'll need one.
  5. Well, we don't HAVE to do it in 6 discs, it was just a thought. I mean, it's the best way I could think of to organize the six worlds. And we don't have to do every single song either, I don't think (there are, like, 50 songs, and some aren't even songs). Plus, I didn't think it'd take that long, I thought, maybe, a LOT of people would try this, because as I said before, Rayman was (and is!) a very popular game, what with Rayman Designer and all. But maybe I'm wrong... The way I see it, Serious Monkey Business has 35 tracks, and that took, what, two years? Where as Rayman only has 50 tracks (and we won't even do all 50 because about 10 or so are just sound effects, or not even music). Also, there are two tracks that are the same track, but one has the sounds of a rainforest in the background, so we can cut that one out. EDIT: Oh, and one more thing. Two tracks are also similar, but not the same. If you put the disc into a music player, you will notice Track 15 is just a re-arrangement of Track 14. So we can skip Track 14. So, all in all, I'd say we're looking at about 39 or so tracks. DKC2: SMB had 35, and it only took them two years. So just about four more tracks would be only a couple more months. That's the way I figure it.
  6. I have a good feeling about this one, as Rayman is a popular game. Anyways, I just had a thought. What if we did an album with remixes from the first Rayman game for the PSX (PlayStation 1)/GBA? I was thinking maybe we could have 6 discs for the 6 Worlds, like Disc 1 be for Dream Forest, Disc 2 for Band Land, etc., and maybe I could do a "sketched-out" design for the homepage? Let me know what you think.
  7. Actually, you know what? Forget about it; would someone mind locking this please?
  8. Interesting...someone who makes music for video games joined a place where game fans expose their creative side by revamping and remixing game music in tribute...amazing...

  9. McVaffe is a GUY, his name is Mike Vafeas. If you go into his profile, you will see I am telling the truth. Anyways, this is an AMAZING remix, I could listen to it all day! Although I probably won't because I have other things to do, but this is my favorite remix of the original song.
  10. Okay, that might work. Thanks for willing to help! I'm adding you to my credits list right now!
  11. PLEASE NOTE: I did not know exactly where to put this, so if it needs to be moved, just PM me that is has moved and where. Thank you! Okay, here's the thing. I need some good remixers to help me with this album I want to make. It's supposed to be a romantic album with romantic music, of course, out of some video game songs I had in mind. I'm not trying to sound like I'm wasting anyone's time or whatever, I really would like some help with this. Here's how we'll start. We'll begin by arranging a song I have in mind to work with first, and if you're talented with a certain instrument, I'll let you record yourself playing a part of the song. For example, if you can play the parts where the acoustic guitar plays in a song on an acoustic guitar, or another fitting instrument, I'll let you record yourself playing that. The first song we're going to work with (Bramble Blast from Donkey Kong Country 2) also has an instrument playing in it that I think would be good for vocal works, I'll record myself singing that part in vocal (I don't know exactly when, but it will be soon!), then if you have good vocal talent, you can record yourself singing what I sung, then I'll take all the vocal recordings and put them together into the song. So basically you guys will be the performers doing parts of songs and I'm the guy who puts them together. If it's not too much to ask, I'd also like some help thinking up good lyrics for this song (I'll be singing the lyrics myself, and if someone wants to, I'll let them be backup). If this song goes well, we can progress our way through the album doing more and more of the songs. And I promise you, I swear on my Nintendo Wii, I will list EVERYONE who participated in the credits. I can't possibly do it without talented people like you. Also, if parts of this sounds confusing, please don't be afraid to ask me to be clearer. I would be absolutely more than happy to. This picture should explain why this may not make sense: HUGE thanks to anyone who'd be interested to help, I GREATLY appreciate it!