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  1. you haven't been on in a while, have you?

  2. sorry to say but my song got delayed... i have been doing alot of things to try to get my broken water heater fixed....
  3. dude, there are language barriers you can't break, there are rules to follow... plus there may be kids or very language-wary people on here, control yourself and i /CENSORED\ it just to emphasive it your lucky im not a moderator 'foo
  4. if language wasnt a problem it could be DKC3: bad@*$ banana birds
  5. both of us are doing a marathon recording and both of us have wiped computers, trying for the same song.... nice going XD
  6. one of the ones that did the same for me, i like it a lot
  7. thanks abunch electrolisystem, i just finished recording the bass and i am working on the vibrophone (of course im talking about the instruments in the song, im not saying which im using in my version) so emunator, my WIP will most likely be delayed until later in the week unless i manage to work all night on it, which i may just do hmmm.... or
  8. apparently there was a free version, and ive been searching for it, since i heard its a good program, but apparently there isn't anymore, anyone know a free software that i can use thats like it? right now im severely limited to programs, as i just got my computer wiped... either that or find some way to get me the program...PLEASE
  9. I'm holding up alright, it's not as painful as I was told it would be (as long as I'm on my painkillers.) they kinda seem to be losing their effectiveness over time though, which is gonna suck eventually.

    But thanks for the concern though, that means a lot! :-D

  10. hey, how are you feeling after the wisdom teeth?

  11. i just finished listening to the preview... holy crap is all i can say
  12. i honestly dont knwo much about either, but with the right computer program, the yamaha MM-08 works great
  13. i need help getting the song on my computer, im trying to get the bass, but the videos and anything i listen to online dont boost the bass enough for me to hear it all, so can anyone help me get the mp3 or.wav or anything please? DKC 3 SNES - jungle jitter
  14. who are you even

    if you're wondering what sorts of games I play on PSN, I'd have to disappoint you since I hardly play online these days on account of my personal ps3 dying. and I don't play on the family ps3 ever.

    and if you really just want a list of what games I own, these are the ones I can remember off the top of my head:

    Valkyria Chronicles

    Red Faction: Guerrilla



    Uncharted 2

    Devil May Cry 4

    Metal Gear Solid 4

    Ninja Gaiden Σ

    Little Big Planet

    Resistance: FoM

    Resistance 2

    Modern Warfare 2

    Final Fantasy XIII

    3D Dot Game Heroes

    Prince of Persia

  15. hey, totally unrelated to anything to do with this entire site, what ps3 games do you have?

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