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    Hello! What can I say? I'm just a guy with more than 30GB of videogame music... Crazy, isn't it? Nah! I had nearly all the consoles, selling the one we had to buy the newest, so maybe you can call me hardcore since I'm not casual at all.
    Me and my old brothers used to share our consoles (there wasn't another way) and we got unified by them, as well as many friends we have. Not that my world get reduced by videogames, I'm "normal", but whatever, I love them! Just starting University: I'll have no more time to spend with my DS or with the music I could barely download! :'(
    Anyways, nice to meet you!
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  1. This track is awesome, I've got it in my MP3 player. I support your request! But one of the tracks that I love from Lost Odyssey OST is "A Return, Indeed", specially, the piano version. And what about "Roar of the departed souls"?
  2. I like Blinded by Light, Final Fantasy XIII prologue, Sazh's Theme, Ragnarok, Hope's Theme, and the most awesome track of the OST: Chocobo of Pulse!!!
  3. Sorry, I meant the electric monkey stage, I just don't remeber what its name was xD (Donkey man hahahahaha)
  4. That's not the point...
  5. Hello! Whats up dude

  6. Well, they can't remix all the songs. By the way, I miss the OPENING STAGE of Megaman X. God!! And what about the donkey stage, and Storm Eagle stage? They're so cool and they aren't even there.
  7. Hey! What's up? I'm yurifoi and I'm new around here. I'm just a big fun of videogame music (nearly 30GB in my hard drive). Like I said in my description I'm baritone. I actually admire Over Clocked, so I'm very interested in helping you anyway I could. So just tell me!
  8. Have you heard any music of Windchase? Their style is called Progressive Rock. I kinda would like the song FIGHT!!! Ver. 1 of Grandia II with that style. Man... epic... I saw that you've got only one remix from Grandia II, the "A Deus" song. I didn't like it since the rythm was so fast that I barely recognized the song. A remix of FIGHT!!! Ver. 1 or "Despair and Hope" using Progressive Rock Style would be wonderful! Thanks a lot!
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