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  1. I agree with this guy.Real shame not too many others have commented on this. You did a good job. Best rock based ffxiii remixer I've met. Think you can metal remix this too. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4q3tKL2mRl4
  2. just saw the trailer for this project. As I listenned to the trailer one of the tracks sounded kinda familiar. http://www.dwellingofduels.net/dodarchive/11-12-MAGfest_Month/01-PrinceOfDarkness,Shnabubula,housethegrate,TravisMoberg-KirbysDreamland3-Dirty-DoD-N.mp3 the track was called hero of Celceta on dwelling of duels Magfest month.Don't know if the link works but meh. Didn't know it was also a track for this album. Anyway I just thought that was kinda intresting. Keep up the good work yalls. sorry wrong track posted above. http://www.dwellingofduels.net/dodarchive/11-12-MAGfest_Month/06-HopeFails,Scaredsim-Ys4-Celceta-DoD-N.mp3 :
  3. thanks lion. In further and stranger news, I tried using some other programs like real player to burn some of the files, real player seems to think some of the ocr tracks are copyright tracks and didn't want to burn them. I thought that was crazy, but when I went back to windows media player, sudently the tracks started working propperly. I cant say I understand it, but at least I'm happy. Thanks for the links. I'm going to DL them now in case this problem occurs again. You guys rock:)
  4. that song -in your prime- is supposed to last 6min. not 5:42. In fact 5:42 is preciselly the lingth of time that I have on my player. That song is supposed to be 6min long. the problem with the song -in your prime- is that the song cuts off before the 6min time frame. Basically,if you're showing a time of 5:42 for the song in your prime, you're experiencing the same issue as I am with your player. If you notice, the track continues to play, long after the time of 5:42 is reached. If you try to record the track onto a cd, the track stops at 5:42. @lion, I use windows media player. Windows Vista7. Again with the track -In your prime- the problem is that it cuts shorter than 6min. You dont get the opportunity to record the entire song onto a cd because it cuts off at 5:42. I really like that track so it's kind of a bummer. Even more bummer is that there appear to be other tracks on this site that do this same thing. @synthony.I'm trying to convert the file to real player,which does show the time of 6min to that same song, unfortunatelly it keeps freezing whenever I try to burn the track -not suprising coming from realplayer, but still anoying as all out doors.
  5. thancks lion but I'm afraid they dont work. One of the mixes still show as 5:40 when it's supposed to be 6min long. The other by vigilant is still reading as 13min when its supposed to be alittle over 5. I apreciate it though. How incredibly strange.
  6. So Im downloading sertant tracks in the oc library and putting them on a cd, but theres a bit of a problem. Some of the music tracks in the oc library when downloaded have an extensive air time on them, where the music stops but this dead space continues for like 5 min. Other tracks act as though the time of music is for example 5:11 when the track is supposed to be 6min long meaning the track stops short. Anybody ellse encounter this problem and know how to fix it? http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR01820/ http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR00967/ If the links work, than the metroid track when downloaded stops at 5:42 when trying to record on cd but its supposed to last 6min so you lose some of the track. The vigilante metroid track however is like 13min when its supposed to stop at like 5:13. These are just a few of the tracks that I found doing this. What is going on?
  7. Very disapointed that sonic didn't make the cut, but I did like most of the tracks on here. That metroid track, and the two ninja turtle tracks were probably my favorite tracks. Thanks all, heroes should battle villains around here more often.
  8. This album rocks. one of the best since voices of the lifestream...which is possibly my favorite album to date so that's saying a lot. I'm a huge fan of techno/rock beats like these that incorporate live instruments and techno synths, It's very inspiring. At the moment, my favorite tracks are: Apex In Techno - which is my absolute fav. Shining Highway Death to the king I like how all the tracks are consistent whith each other.It really sounds like an album u could by at a store or on Amazon.Only wish there were a few more tracks, or a very long 6min track, to make the album feel a bit fuller,but all in all Good job.
  9. Z

    ocr tag help.

    thx man. how did u go about finding it? I'd like to know for future reference
  10. Z

    ocr tag help.

    I'm trying to find all the guitar based remixes on this site. I thought there was a tag option somewhere on ocr that enables you to type in a fraze such as guitar, rock, jazz etc. and a screen would appear displaying all of the mixes that fall under that tag but i cant find it anywhere
  11. If no one has heard the new final fantasy thirteen soundtrack than yall gotta check these incredible tracks out. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0tXtDMdhhIY Cant catch a break http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rux7GUhPnIA Atonement http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N6cuMZ5Frbg Will to fight http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W4h1tf1kPvg
  12. get sixto in on this. Hes one sick rockin guitar layin puppy
  13. If you don't mind me sayin. It does happen sometimes. Maybe alowing alternates isint such a bad idea just in case someone does drop a track. At least then you wont have to hunt musicians down to replace them if it does. A mere thought.
  14. http://dod.vgmix.com/past/mag7/19tie-GeoffreyTaucer,JoseTheBronxRican-DKC2-Mines-DoD.mp3 check this out from geoffrey taucer and jose the bronx rican
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