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  1. Dear ocremix. If you make that hl2 album i will kill a man. Any man, your choice, i will take a poll. After receiving the album i will find him and kill him in a manner most inhumane and terrifying. And as i kill him, i will hum every single bar of the album into his ear, making sure it's the last thing he hears. Alternately i will fist-fight a bear and put it on youtube.
  2. No one's hammering it for being rap, people are hammering it for being bad/lazy/generic rap. Accusing the critics of just being harsh on rap is wriggling around the arguments made.
  3. Well, there are plenty of remixes with lyrics that aren't all SUPER SERIOUS, or otherwise humorous. But "inside jokes" and "funny" remixes should still have to pass the normal vetting process, rather than getting fast-tracked through for being someone's friends. Because hey, if I wanted to upload some "inside joke," I suspect it'd still have to get through the panel.
  4. I have to say... I've been listening to OCRemixes for years and this is just the worst one I have ever heard. Technically I guess the music isn't so bad but... the lyrics just drown everything out. I like hip hop, I like rap... but it's like someone made a relatively okay piece of music and then copy-pasted bad gangsta rap lyrics on top, and no one remembered to remove them before they recorded it. At least the other lyrical pieces on the site tend to try and make it somewhat related to the game. It's not that it's "vulgar and offensive." It's just that it's bad by any measure.
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