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  1. Catching up on some missed remixes and noticed this one didn't get a lot of commentary. A shame if this one flies under the radar - there's a lot of thought and beauty condensed into 3 minutes. It's the kind of song that take multiple listens before you can even start to unpack and process it.
  2. Might need to dig out the old Joy Division records from storage for classic examples of pop melody + deep vocals. Ian Curtis had that nailed to a perfection, and this song reminds me a lot of those days.
  3. I almost gave up on this song too early. It started very weak, in my opinion, but once the chorus came, I was hooked. There's a certain Duncan Sheik vibe going on with with this remix, especially in the vocals, which I like.
  4. I'll take you up on that. There have been some amazing remixes done over the years and I feel bad for not giving them the praise they deserve.
  5. I've been visiting OCR for nearly a decade and never felt the need to register and post until now. I'm pretty open-minded when it comes to musical styles, and I like quite a bit of rap, but this mix was simply terrible. I was cringing the entire time while listening to the lyrics, not because I'm offended by some "fucks" and a "dick", but because the lyrics were delivered in such a pedestrian manner. The "embarrassed for the other person" feeling I was left with was reminiscent of the feeling I got when "rapping" commercials were popular in the 80s and 90s.
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