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  1. DUDE! that distortion effect makes my guitar sound 10x better. i'll add it onto my mix as soon as i can, and i'll also mess with a few filters to cut out some of the harsher frequencies. Then i'll work on trying to make the ambiance come out a bit more without over powering the rest of the song. Thank you VERY much for the distortion effects.
  2. 1. It's an interesting idea but i already have a choir and an organ part for ambiance. i feel that adding another ambient sound might be a bit much. i CAN however raise the volume of the choir and organ part to make them more noticeable. 2. About the highs i do agree i think i can probably add a few filters here and there to cut down the high frequencies. (i even got a headache after working on it for a few hours cause of the frequencies). 3. Unfortunately the lead guitar sound is as good as it's gonna get. It already is composed of 2 sounds and 6 effects on 1, and 2 effects on the other. addi
  3. -This is a power metal S.S.H. style remix of Rimururu's theme from Samurai Showdown 4. I feel it's pretty much complete but i would like some outside opinions before i officially enter it to O.C. remix. It was all made in FL studio using NO money. -I used the demo version of FL studio. I used 2 free VSTs one for the drums and one for the Harp. the rest were all done with Sytrus VST. This remix took a lot of time and effort due to the fact that i used the demo version. Every time i reloaded it in FL studio i had to redo all of the effects and remaster it. it took about 4 days total to do. -I
  4. Hey i'm gatesoflife7 i've recently started making remixes on FL studio i'm looking forward to being a part of this community ^^.
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