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  1. Neat mix, reminds me of brainsick metal. http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR00569/

    The composition and actual writing sound good. I'd kinda like to hear some pad-ish sounds in places to help fill out the sound maybe? I dunno.

    Some of the highs (2:48, the very beginning) kinda hurt. You might be able to put a filter on there and take out some of the harshness.

    It's a neat guitar part, Might put some distortion on it to help distinguish it from the synths, It's up to you. Sounds good as is.

    Props for a first mix, I've been at this a while and I can't get anything composed near this good.

    1. It's an interesting idea but i already have a choir and an organ part for ambiance. i feel that adding another ambient sound might be a bit much. i CAN however raise the volume of the choir and organ part to make them more noticeable.

    2. About the highs i do agree i think i can probably add a few filters here and there to cut down the high frequencies. (i even got a headache after working on it for a few hours cause of the frequencies).

    3. Unfortunately the lead guitar sound is as good as it's gonna get. It already is composed of 2 sounds and 6 effects on 1, and 2 effects on the other. adding distortion would only make it sound scratchier and harsher due to the fact that FL studio's distortion effects aren't the best.

    4. Thank you very much for the props ^^. I'm very pleased with how it came out and am looking forward to the finished mix.

  2. -This is a power metal S.S.H. style remix of Rimururu's theme from Samurai Showdown 4. I feel it's pretty much complete but i would like some outside opinions before i officially enter it to O.C. remix. It was all made in FL studio using NO money.

    -I used the demo version of FL studio. I used 2 free VSTs one for the drums and one for the Harp. the rest were all done with Sytrus VST. This remix took a lot of time and effort due to the fact that i used the demo version. Every time i reloaded it in FL studio i had to redo all of the effects and remaster it. it took about 4 days total to do.

    -I'd like everyone's honest opinion on it good or bad. (note: this is my first real remix so i don't expect it to be anywhere near perfect lol)

    here is the song: http://tindeck.com/listen/glbq

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