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  1. Basically, any drums you hear on ocremix that arent legit real drums, that are electronic , midi or whatever.
  2. Sorry, perhaps I'm not being clear enough. Ive drummed before, and though not an expert, I have no problem at making beats. I need to know the bet technique for actually making electronic drum beats, midi drums, i dont know what to call them, in Sonar X3. I do not know a good way, and was hoping for some tips and suggestions to get me started. Im new to creating electronic music with samples and these types of programs like Sonar, but am a seasoned musician.
  3. Any tips or links to good tutorials you may have used?
  4. Using drums in Sonar would be the best case scenario for me, as I already own Sonar, so that's perfect!
  5. Electronically-processed drums is what I'm after, thanks for your reply
  6. Hello all. I couldn't find a more suitable section to post this question in, so here goes. As the title states, I have no idea what the best way to do drums is. I am a guitar player of almost 25 years experience. Written so many songs of different styles, but have no electronic musical experience. I currently own Sonar X3, and barely know how to use it. The main thing that concerns me however, is Drums. I think I can figure out many things through tutorials, but there seems to be such a wide array of ways and applications to create drums, that I'd rather ask the experts whose music I listen to. Any external applications, Sonar upgrades and techniques are welcome. Links to preferred tutorials are also welcome. I appreciate any feedback
  7. I'm not familiar with the original piece, but this is absolutely brilliant.
  8. Track 5 - Power Stone takes the cake for sure! Another great release, sir ...
  9. Hello all. I'm a song-writing guitarist who is used to tracking his songs with a mic. I'll long-loved video game music and wish to get into remixes, and some original, digital compositions. What software do you all recommend, and for what are they used? I'm use once I get my hands on the proper software and pointed in the right direction, with some time and patience I could learn to do pretty well. Thanks for any advice you can give
  10. Any of the catchier tunes from this game would be an amazing base for a remix. Hope someone with some remix skill(unlike me) reads this.
  11. Wow. The source material is amazing, but this remix is simply out of this world. Great transitions and nice tone choices for the instruments combine to make this one of my favourite remixes
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