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  1. To this day, this remains, and will ever remain as my favorite remix on Overclocked Remix. PrototypeRaptor, you are the master of ELECTRO and fidget bass. Thank you for giving the world such incredible, catchy, and mind-blowing tunes. I envy you.
  2. @BlackPanther, That was some good feedback. I thank you for noticing potential in me I love music and the dance genre a lot. I don't know if I'll ever go anywhere with it. I love doing it as a hobby though. On a side note, I saw you post a comment on one of Jonathan's (PrototypeRaptor) mixes on FB the other day! It was pretty cool seeing that lol. He is my idol, my hero, and my inspiration. LOVE all of his stuff.
  3. @WillRock That's what I am! Haha an electro-house junkie! Thanks for listening! May I ask what your personal preference is, though? What kind of mixes are u into, I mean? So I can see where you're coming from. @Tydin You're awesome.
  4. Oh Roz. Of course you couldn't resist. Firstly, our tastes in mixes and sounds is very different. With that in mind, I disagree with about half of your feedback. I am fine with repetition. Repetition in dance music is vital - just like a drum loop. The arrangement is very close to the original with a few more repititions of the source. That's how it was made. That's what I had in mind when I was mixin' it. If that's not kewl with u, ok. You don't think the lead is pretty? I do. I love that sound. It's one of my faves. I tried the bass without a slight reverb. Sounded like crap. Dimension expander seemed like it belonged with that sound. I couldn't find a clap/snare I liked, so I took a mediocre one and played it twice, stretching out the sounds to catch the ear. I'm not a fan of 1hit-and-then-it's-over snares. Or drum snares for that matter. And pads = no no. Pads don't belong in a club, yo. Only in chill and trance. IMO. My goal in a dance mix is to have a BADASS kick, so of course, I overpower it. On purpose. The kick is the heartbeat of the track. The blood pumper. You spend 25% of your mixing time getting your bass kick right. I SUCK at mixing the bass kick and the bass. I know that. It's a flaw I have. But the bass kick is overpowering. And I like it that way. Again, it's cool if you don't. I like to feel that mutha in my STOMACHE even at low volume. I heavily side-chained the melody because I felt like some of the notes that were on the beat weren't as important as the ones off-beat. I would have killed them all off (melody notes on the beat) for a more interesting perspective, but I didn't like the sound. Needed some of them to stay, so I kept all of em. At a lower velocity on the beat. Now for the parts I agree with. I agree that the sounds stay the same, and that there are very little buildups/filters/dynamic changes. That's something I struggle with as well. Yeah I can work on that. That's some good feedback. Arps and gates = WIN. Yes I very well could have added a sexy arp or gate at the end for a sparkle. Great idea. When I wrote the track I just added 8 instruments in from start to finish. That very well could have been 15 or even 20, with the instruments/elements coming in at specified times for more interesting sounds/buildups. Thank you for your interesting and somewhat superfluous feedback.
  5. Hey dude do you have AIM or something? I want to talk to you with your concerns of OCR and it's standards. I felt the same way you do and I'm gonna try to explain as best as I can so you can stop hating the ocr community and start loving us lol.

  6. This song isn't intended for submission to OCR, because I don't really feel like waiting and I don't think it fits with the site's focus on interpretation anyway. This is a finished piece too, so I'm not really looking for feedback on how to improve the mix. Enjoy it for what it is. A remix. http://tindeck.com/listen/pevn
  7. I've decided to give this site/forum another chance. I know I'll never make the approval of the judges because they are SUPER biased, and there's no chance they'll ever let push-the-limit mixers like me into their circle. Screw waiting for 3 months just to have your mix rejected for some stupid, meaningless reason. FAIL. But enough complaining about stupid people; I've come here to share my music with people who appreciate it. Fellow mixers who read posts like this and search for the good remixes of songs they love without bias or particular favor to one style of mix. I present: Koume & Kotake. A favorite of mine from Zelda: Ocarina of Time. [Link Removed] Enjoy. OR Tear it apart like the douchebags you are who can't appreciate the good stuff when it slaps you across the face. ****ing elitists. And no, I'm not trying to troll, I'm trying to make a point, and share my music with people who appreciate it for what it is. -M.
  8. A Zelda album? I checked your tindeck - that link's house mix is outrageous man, it's like Link's scored some E off Mido and is bouncing around his treehouse completely off his face. For something a little more calming, might I suggest my folk/jazz mix of the Song of Storms http://tindeck.com/listen/lwki also incorporating an old Scottish folk song (as you may have heard on Dexter in the background of a few episodes).

  9. @DarkSim, I'm currently working on a Zelda remixed album for all my friends right now. I've got the whole thing kinda planned out with 12 tracks. I've already done five, and I have a few more. I post the ones I don't know where to go with on OCR to get some feedback. Others I just know are solid, and they probably won't be posted in the WiP. But yeah, love Zelda tunes SO much. They've gotta be my favorites right next to FFVII soundtrack. I'm thinking of doing some Banjo Kazooie simply because there is a huge lack of it on this site. No good! Thank you for your feedback, I love hearing the thoughts on this piece. A second version is on its way in the near future.
  10. Roz, you're a genius. Thanks for all that feedback, I really need it. Yeah, like the two days we went over modes in music theory class I didn't really pay attention. lol. I get the general idea you're trying to tell me though. Here, I know these "seminotes" as half-steps, or tones. I've never heard that term before. I just know that there's 12 tones, and 12 half-steps makes an octave. It sounds like you have a deep music theory background, however. I'm going to try to put the melody in the backing. The chords give me lots of room to manipulate, and I think I can shift them to play the source motif. Changing the SoW is going to be the hardest part I think. To pHaTtEn up the leads I think I'll just add some bulkier instruments that match the plucked groove's. I'm also going to put in another background instrument that is going to play both sources at...say...twice or three times as slow. I've also come up with a way to make the sources fit into the groove. All thanks to you.
  11. Ok Roz, help me out here. You're saying that there should be more source? I used absolutely every note in those two songs! lol I'm at a loss with what to do with that. The levels problems are an easy fix. That one's no problem. So you want me to have more source, but that source needs to be interpreted differently? I don't see how it would still be source if I changed the melody--I usually just change the chords and sometimes rhythm of the source melodies, but is that a bad thing? (i.e. bLiNd's "Aquatic Ambiance" remix) I understand it's verbatim in some parts, but is it in all parts if in some? (If that makes any sense at all lol) And as for the water and fire melodies' instruments--you really think they don't fit? That they're too thin? I'm just trying to understand your point of view (and essentially the judges' for that matter seeing all the mixes you've done that are posted). I'm really not trying to be skeptical or prideful about your opinions and advice, because I truly do value them. I know the serenade's notes aren't fitting properly, because the song itself has a very unique (and odd) chord progression, and I need to change that when they first come in. I think they fit nicely later on, however. I thought that because the two were in the same key and ended the same they'd fit together. Apparently not. Oh, and I might've already said this in a way, but is an original track+source quote necessarily a bad thing? Sorry for badgering, I just wanna LEARN! lol. I appreciate your dissection and careful consideration.
  12. lol well the way I have it set up is the one guitar is panned hard left, and the other guitar (with lots of effects and distortion) is panned hard right, so when they play together, it sounds like it's a wide, but centered sound. Does that make sense? Maybe I'll have to tweak it a little if you didn't really get it. But yeah the race is on! I think both our mixes are fantastic. Perhaps they'll both be accepted.
  13. I'm titling this: Polar Opposites. I thought I'd slow it down a bit after all my hardcore techno/trance. A nice slow, calming, relaxing House beat that could really take you to some fond memories. This one was engineered to send you off into the memory bank and relax you to your soul. When I listen to it, it sends me floating down the musical highway. I love how it's coming along. What do you think? http://tindeck.com/listen/nfnn EDIT: Sources! Bolero of Fire: Serenade of Water:
  14. Here is the final product: http://tindeck.com/listen/pukw I'm officially labeling it as a Gerudo Valley and Spirit Temple mix. Here are the sources: Gerudo Valley: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OLanWagsaM8 The Spirit Temple: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z-jT6T59rYw This will be submitted to the judges (and hopefully accepted by them) within the week! More "tightening" feedback would be great! Thanks for everyone's help! I was a n00b when I started this thread, and now I feel quite educated! Couldn't have done it without you! Cheers! -M. EDIT: lol it looks like I think the judges are going to get to it within a week of submission. I know it will probably take them months and months before they get to mine. So intense!
  15. Well being a creator of a remix of this song myself, I must say that you're doing an excellent job. I LOVE this. It is so CHIIIILLL. You best finish it. It's going to be great. I love the intro guitar, even though it's like the most used note pattern of all Marc-Antony-Enrique-Eglesias-The-Eagles-NESS around. lol I still love it. The only critique I have is that you bring out that low flute from the background and pan it and the guitar if you haven't already (blasted speakers). The flute/guitar thing is lovely.
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