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  1. It wasn't meant to be Gerudo Valley, but after I finished it I noticed some resemblances to the well-known track from "The Legend of Zelda". I think, if looked at from that position, you could see this as a dramatic reinterpretation of that material. https://soundcloud.com/journeyjay/track-22
  2. GR5 would be the amp I'm working with.
  3. It's like, an introduction. https://soundcloud.com/journeyjay/everything-broken
  4. JourneyJaybeats Presents: Dearly Beloved Title: Kingdom Hearts https://soundcloud.com/journeyjay/dearly-beloved
  5. Can you explain "Cadence"? Honestly, I was attempting to do something new with this track. That fade out is the new thing. The inspiration comes from essentially all popular 80's rock songs...they almost always continue in a seemingly never ending loop that begins to fade as it starts repeating near the end. That last bar is unnecessary but the fade makes it acceptable.
  6. Now I think my context was misunderstood, but I appreciate your effort to explain.
  7. I'm seeing the words, but not how you mean to place them when referencing the track. That's what I meant when I asked for "specifics". I would like to make these changes, you seem to recognize things I have yet to learn to see. AKA: Confused.
  8. Can you go into more detail pertaining to your use of the word "Dynamic"? The velocity issue, I definitely understood. I can agree %100.
  9. SOURCE: As always, it's free. Anybody think it'll make the cut? -----JourneyJay's My Gerudo----- From the title: "The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past" 1998 https://soundcloud.com/journeyjay/my-gerudo
  10. SOURCE: I just finished this. I would like some critical thoughts. As always, it's free. Anybody think it'll make the cut? -----JourneyJay's Spyro The Dragon: Menu Screen----- https://soundcloud.com/journeyjay/journeyjays-spyro-the-dragon From the title: "Spyro the Dragon" 1998
  11. ||JourneyJaybeats||JourneyJay's 40 Hours|| -------------------------------------------------------- Title: One Tempo LINK: https://soundcloud.com/journeyjay/one-tempo Production: Jaysin Christensen Composition & Arrangement: Jaysin Christensen All JourneyJaybeats are release under a Creative Commons License. ||BY-NC-SA-4.0|| For more free music visit http://www.soundcloud.com/JourneyJay Additional Links: MIXCLOUD: http://www.mixcloud.com/JourneyJay
  12. I found this lying around, fixed it up. Would love some critical commentary. <3 https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bxt6WgDzOmkneFBRVXR1a1ZfWlE/edit?usp=sharing Comprising Portions of: 1. Final Fantasy 8- "The Man With The Machine Gun" 2. Super Mario Brothers(Bros.)- "Overworld" 3. Donkey Kong Country- "Theme" 4. The Legend of Zelda: "Song of Storms"
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    Acceptable. I hadn't seen your message until now.

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