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  1. I'll PM you I am intrigued. And I shall do my best to adhere to the standards ha ha
  2. It depends on the music, the idea and the production really. It's what you're going for... personally I enjoy live more for the vibe, especially whilst performing. It is also never the same twice. However studio audio quality is so very important as it's a great medium to promote what could be live performances. I am thinking of recording singles and albums live, pouring all my production skill into it to promote the music as a great, live performance and to also capture that live vibe which I, personally, love!
  3. Hello to you all, I discovered you lot a while ago and downloaded Voices of the Lifestream and fell in love with this website! I am a composer, arranger and general game music lover. It's the reason I got into music! I will be doing my part around here, posting some arrangments and versions of my own . I hope to make some contributions and some friends here See you all around! Mark/SkullKidd