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  1. Why hasnt there been a Remix album for DKR yet? The Benjamin Briggs album did a great job, but there are a TON of tracks waiting to be remixed.
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e4pytSJ9Ba4 such a catchy song, could be remixed quite well. perhaps even with lyrics. im looking at you josh whelchel
  3. theres a album being done for ix as well? i was wondering how much they were doing at all. that album trailer ocremix uploaded to youtube and is on the homepage. is that all a april fools joke? cause i would love to see a sonic cd album but i will look out for the ffix album. cheers
  4. Was this song ever remixed? if so, why cant i find it on the site? if not, why the hell not?
  5. yes!! the oneups? i swear i searched that, guess it was a rare one. but that is exactly it! exactly it! as for the carbohydro. i like it too, nice instrumentals. and everything. is there more like it?
  6. protomen sounds like it is also the kinda stuff im looking for. i was also gonna say stuff like the megas. which is a band that sings about megaman each song = different robot boss. but some on, this is ocremix.org im sure you guys all know who the megas are
  7. i looked up drama radio stuff, and its almost similar i just think some lack the games music, and all i found was for monkey island, and halo odst so theres really nothing out there like this http://dod.bossies.org/dodarchive/05-06-Free_Month/ZZ-XMark-Dragon%20Warrior-Dragon%20Warrior%20Radio%20Drama%202-DoD.mp3 or this *2 different links than original post btw*
  8. im looking for like a story while the music from the game plays along with it. the zelda one im thinking of it has the first song from ocarina of time and theres a guy who voices link and navi and as they progress through the game, the music changes depending on where they are. for example they enter a dungeon and the dungeon theme from zelda 1 plays in the background. but the song isnt straight from the game, its been re done by the people/person that remade that song if that makes sense? i could explain it more if you want also any albums like the castlevania link i posted. its a free album, 8 mins long for the whole cd and he goes through the entire castlevania 3 game singing to each song but it breaks the forth wall when he dies etc etc. he sings in the perspective of the characters hes using, but at the same time when he dies he says "...f***ing cheater" and what not also can explain more detailed Edit: Yes like that peter and the wolf. except not reading a story, just a character talking. an example being link leaving kokiri and being like "theres hyrule castle, maybe i should check it out"
  9. I need help looking for more music like this http://dod.bossies.org/dodarchive/05-04-Dragon_Warrior/ZZ-XMark-Dragon%20Warrior%20Series-DW%20Radio%20Drama%20Hour-DoD.mp3 Now it may not be "music" in the eyes of the OC Remix community, perhaps. but i enjoy it. I remember downloading a torrent a few years back with Megadriver, The Advantage, Minibosses, NESkimos etc etc and there was a +10 min Zelda one that i cant seem to remember who did. I'm also looking for more like this here. please know, that Ive heard all amazing brando, action adventure world, and the adventures of duane and brand0. so anything similar to these 2 types would be greatly appreciated
  10. so if i already have return all robots, trenches, kaleidoscope, & street fighter turbo hd, then i should get this then.
  11. Well the return all robots release wasnt a remix album, but a soundtrack, and it was still acknowledged as a release on front page. full with its own section, torrent, and website.
  12. So what did OC Remix do for this soundtrack? did they make the soundtrack for this game? im guessing the 2 remixes are probably the 2 ive heard already, but would this soundtrack be considered a "OC Release"?
  13. 11 Days ago overclocked remix made a post on facebook saying "http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR02158/ - SUPERSIZE IT! Two all-beef Super Meat Boy ReMix patties, from Ben Briggs & A_Rival (http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR02159/), served up fresh! Super Meat Boy Special Edition OST will be available for purchase on Monday!" does this mean there is a overclocked album for super meat boy? or is it just promoting the soundtrack for the game? or did i miss knowing that overclocked did the music for super meat boy?
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