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  1. the sound effects like rain /thunder/helicopter and gun shot, and voices are from soundsnap.com The rest is originally done by me in FL Studio. Thank you for enjoying.
  2. Fantastic! I especially like the guitar part. good job bro
  3. A song I write to train myself for game industry. Please tell me what you think, It would help me a lot in the future http://soundcloud.com/chaosringen/deranged-assassin A friend of mine used the song and Assassin's Creed's footage to make an AMV. Cheers, Hyde
  4. Pianissimo for piano and Symphonic Orchestral / Symphonic Choir Gold Edition from EWQL company also Nexus 2 and Omnisphere
  5. Thank you ^^ I will upload to a downloadable site soon. Thank you for enjoying ^^
  6. Pursuit - Cornered is so far my most favorite piece among all PW series , including Miles Edgeworth one. It is just awesome that makes me wanna do something to it. As I am into filmscore,I want to add cinematic feeling to the song. My first attempt at OST rearrangement, hope you like it. http://soundcloud.com/chaosringen/pursuit-cornered-rearranged-from-phoenix-wright-ost Cheers, Hyde
  7. I'm using Stormdrum and Stylus RMX atm. quite good
  8. Hi , I'm a newbie here . Nice to meet you all. I knew about this forum from OCRemix of Final Fantasy music which I really enjoyed. Here's an attempt of me making music for my game concept ( yeah, concept only ) http://soundcloud.com/chaosringen/blood-of-valor Album: Chaos Memory : Original Soundtrack Done in FL Studio 9. I would love some feedback if possible. Thank you all
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