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  1. Wish I could meet him once in my life
  2. chaosringen

    finished Deranged Assassin

    the sound effects like rain /thunder/helicopter and gun shot, and voices are from The rest is originally done by me in FL Studio. Thank you for enjoying.
  3. Fantastic! I especially like the guitar part. good job bro
  4. A song I write to train myself for game industry. Please tell me what you think, It would help me a lot in the future A friend of mine used the song and Assassin's Creed's footage to make an AMV. Cheers, Hyde
  5. chaosringen

    favorite vst's

    Pianissimo for piano and Symphonic Orchestral / Symphonic Choir Gold Edition from EWQL company also Nexus 2 and Omnisphere
  6. Thank you ^^ I will upload to a downloadable site soon. Thank you for enjoying ^^
  7. Pursuit - Cornered is so far my most favorite piece among all PW series , including Miles Edgeworth one. It is just awesome that makes me wanna do something to it. As I am into filmscore,I want to add cinematic feeling to the song. My first attempt at OST rearrangement, hope you like it. Cheers, Hyde
  8. chaosringen

    Good Drum VSTi

    I'm using Stormdrum and Stylus RMX atm. quite good
  9. chaosringen

    finished Blood of Valor

    Hi , I'm a newbie here . Nice to meet you all. I knew about this forum from OCRemix of Final Fantasy music which I really enjoyed. Here's an attempt of me making music for my game concept ( yeah, concept only ) Album: Chaos Memory : Original Soundtrack Done in FL Studio 9. I would love some feedback if possible. Thank you all