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  1. i did like the ending - that's the "victory" theme to the won battle, thus the end of the battle melody song here. I like that they threw that in
  2. this word, although all but trite, does finely define this song. it's one of those totally epic sounding remixes around the site. love the combo of heavy guitar, soft female voice tones, and everything in between.
  3. a calming and stirring beautiful voice. I really enjoy running across a mix with her singing in it. she really sets it off.
  4. you did the title screen music some royal justice there, man. pretty but kick arse stuff.
  5. and don't stop. I just read your comment of 11 years ago as regards what your exgirlfriend said to you. anyone can sing if they practice. anyone good can become better. it's an ability learned, not born with, combined with feeling. if you can feel it, you can learn it. unless you have permanent damage or something like cancer. I'm learning right now with (DON'T laugh, it's a very professionally compiled learning experience) Singing For Dummies. I recommend it, from a guy who used to scare and humor people with my (un)ability to sing to a guy who impresses people with it.
  6. Your Final Fantasy 6 Siezed With Fury is awesome and inspiring. Keep it up!! ~ Andrew

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