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  1. Oh god, yes. Though, "Balance Valley" and "Kasarov Stonehenge" are what I would pick. That game is so underrated, as is its soundtrack. Wonderful stuff.
  2. In terms of progression, Bowser's domain would be map 7. 1: Yoshi's Island 2: Donut Plains 3: Vanilla Dome 4: Bridge area 5: Forest Of Illusion 6: Chocolate Island 7: Bowser's Valley It helps to note by the number next to each Koopa kid's fortress. Just letting you know, you may want to fix the title to avoid minor confusion.
  3. I know it's considered poor form to post requests when you haven't really established yourself within a community, but for as much as I love this site and all of the work put into it, I have not a bit to contribute, so I think leaving the art to those who possess talent would be in my best interest. I came here to introduce a casual gamer friend to OCR, and figured I would use one of her favorite games to ease her into the idea. I was surprised that a mutual favorite from the game only had a single remix, and it was made 12 years ago. While not bad, I'd like to hear something more up-to-date. Either a classy, symphonic sound, with piano, violins and such, or (if it's even possible) something along the lines of underground/indie hip-hop like Aesop Rock or Atmosphere. If anyone could manage any of this, I would be very, very grateful. Thank you in advance. And thanks for maintaining one of the greatest websites of the geek subculture for over a decade. This place is truly a gamer's haven.
  4. Dark Cloud 2 (or Dark Chronicle) is one of the most underrated games in recent history. And that this is the only remix available is really disappointing, as that game had some phenomenal music (there's even an arranged album done by the industry's finest). The song itself is a bit too techno for my tastes, but it does remind me of David Wise, which is definitely a good thing. Great job! Hopefully, this will be the seed that sprouts more DC2 love.
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