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  1. I didn't play many video games as I grew up but of the few I did play S&K was at the top. This captures the frantic pace from the game nicely. My only complaint is that it feels a little sparse in the background; another rhythm layer would've helped. Still a great piece though!
  2. While not my favorite remix on the site, I think this is by far Sixto's best work. While I enjoy all of his music this track has such a strong emotional part to it that really sets it apart. The synth adds an elegance to the track that isn't quite present in his guitar only works. The key change is beautifully subtle; it took me months of listening to even realize it was there! The drum work is awesome and the rhythm guitars pull you in and hold you down while the lead guitars attack you without mercy. The piano intro from dhsu is perfect and really helps set the mood that is carried throughout the song. I want to cry from sheer sorrow and run around with a sword in a blind rage at the same time when I listen to this. When I have the chance to pick up guitar playing again I really want to learn to play those scathing leads.
  3. An awesome new rock-mix... and WOAH wait a minute... norg AND Snapple!!?? Holy Crap.... *head explodes* This track is awesome on so many levels it's hard for me to describe it! I've been waiting for a new rock-out mix to be posted and my patience has finally been rewarded! Excellent work Lastair on the arrangement and awesome guitar work from norg and Snapple!! This is going on my zune for sure so I can rock out in the car!!
  4. After all the game music remixes I've listened too this is still by far my absolute favorite. The emotion that flows in this mix makes me want to cry and laugh at the same time! Now I want to play it on my guitar, dangit!!
  5. Ah, the remix that started it all for me. A friend linked me to this track on AIM and it immediately took me back to hours spent trying to beat Robotnik at the end of Sonic and Knuckles. Being a guitarist myself I was sucked in as soon as the guitars started. I love the arrangement as it keeps the 'Sonic vs Huge Overpowered Badguy' theme and the excellent guitar work along with the synth is right up my alley. There seems to be a lack of bass after the intro but everything else is solid and very enjoyable. I like the mix title too, nice pun! Awesome stuff and a great intro for me to the world of vgm remixing!
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