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  1. It's really from Final Fantasy 6, but SNES FF6 was renamed FF3 in America since the real FF2, 3 and 5 were never translated and released (at least until PS1 Anthologies). Oh, and the remix? Perfect.
  2. I really like this remix. The flute sound font is really quite poor, but otherwise, the production values are fantastic. And the arrangement itself is a great interpretation. Good stuff.
  3. I'll be honest; I haven't heard the song. I'd just like to say... When will people learn that Fear Effect doesn't utilise cel-shading!?
  4. I agree totally. I *love* the intro and the short instrumental section, but the rest of the remix is depressingly predictable. What makes it worse for me is that Mr. Prievert's Bloody Tears Inspired is possibly my favourite OC ReMix, and, along with the string sections, makes me think how awesome this track could have been. Not bad, by any means, but it had so much more potential, in my opinion.