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  1. Hey, great job with this mix, Tyler!!! I'm kinda a sucker for the trance remixes - they remind me of a lot of cool jamz that happened to be in my first favorites when I started seeking out more video game remixes. What I like about this mix in particular though is the calm, catchy way it approaches what I always think of as a beautifully sad song. Dearly Beloved is one of the truly great title themes that get me to stop and just listen to them for a while. It really gets me in the perfect mood to play whatever KH I'm on... That makes it a tough song for the remixers though - because I'm always
  2. Really exited to hear all of these. Sounds like BenBriggs is in love with his teams, so I am hella excite for that one. And the BGR, Mega Ballers, BBB, and everyone else. So much win about to come my way, I think
  3. Haha, nice! Really interesting style, and a worthy addition to the roster of pokemon remixes Kinda like "Drowning Blue" from the Missingno Collection, this was from a source that I didn't really remember (lol, both ship themes...), but found my memory pleasantly right there at the ready once this started. Good memories, that mysterious ship. Also, congrats to Rozovian, Flexstyle, and Gario. Good picks
  4. For future reference, this is the internet, if you don't want your statements be taken seriously, YOU MUST USE SMILEYS!! If you are in fact serious, then how dare you interrupt this thread with your rude and thoughtless posting. Shut the hell up please, get out of the internet, go on back to magfest and play games and drink loads of beer The rest of us are getting on fine without you party hearty magfest people I agree with Willrock's analysys. However, I would like to point out that rude as ectonegma may have been, he does raise a point I would like to bring up. Rexy, I understand that yo
  5. Yeah, I'd do it in Word for the autosave feature, but I never think ahead for that and I'm usually really good about not messing it up. I just did something really really dumb this time, so yeah, just shouldn't have happened. Basically it came down to me clicking on my iTunes window, forgetting it was on half screen, then going to where the previous track button was... Anyways, needless to say this is not going to be quite as in detail as usual. Because I just don't have the energy. I'll cover most everything again, but I won't be as eloquent. Probably a good thing for me to practice. R
  6. BAH. I was literally almost done with my review, and then I hit the back button >.< It was a good one, too. I'm gonna go eat and then try to replicate it. Usually when I do something stupid like that it will still keep it. Don't know why it didn't this time. Oh well, it was only and hour and a half of typing down the drain. I can do it again!
  7. It looks like he had just lost his train of thought.
  8. I'm not saying it will take an entire weekend for me personally. It does, however, take some amount of free time for me to give each one a couple of listens, and that free time is sometimes hard to come by for a college student also working 10 hours a week. Right now, my prime times that I have a solid chunck of time to listen fall on the weekends. I'll be able to manage, so I will get my votes in anyways. I was just sayin' that it might benefit the voting to extend it out a little, to allow people a whole week for when free time may come to them. But ah well, I'll squeeze the time out of
  9. I have a question: Can voting be open for longer than 12PM EST on saturday? Due to not getting the songs right away, it'd be better at least for me, to get a weekend to listen to them. Since this round wasn't out until sunday evening, could voting last at least through all/most of saturday?
  10. Like I said before, I'm betting Round 10 involves the point leaders somehow. I mean, you gotta have some reason for those points, and you've really got to have some awesome final battle. I'm holding out for a remix battle with Dr. Wily himself (aka Darkesword) Because that would be hella awesome. I don't know how many people would participate or how many themes would be involved, but, I would say that round 10 epicness may perhaps be so awesome that Brandon Strader (I add the last name because my name is Brandon as well and I feel weird just saying Brandon and not refering to myself ) gets a
  11. Like SuperiorX said, SectorZ has tallies, but Darke hasn't voted in rounds 6 - 8 yet, so none of them are final.
  12. Continued from part 1 As a worthwhile side note, since in was discussed earlier: My voting style is mostly based on two things. For 'overall feel of the song' I tend to focus less on subjective things like how much I liked it. Rather, I try to focus on the cohesiveness of the song, how it flows, and the level of depth it builds. Soundscape and tone are important in that, too. Obviously, I still have to to enjoy it a little bit. Perhaps the biggest factor to me, given the nature of these competitions as well as what I most enjoy about video game music, is the arrangement of sources. These sou
  13. Wow... I missed a day and this thread took a long journey in that time. This post'll probably include reviews eventually, so it might get pretty long My thoughts on what happened and seems to be at rest where it is fine: Well, while it's important to try to stay positive and such, I can understand some discontent. And I also think it doesn't hurt anything to express/alleviate those disappointments. Let's look at it this way. If someone feels like there needed to be an improvement to the voting system, isn't it better that they express that? Darkesword gave us a good compromise, but we may
  14. Round 8 was pretty darn great. I have a clear 4 that I've narrowed it down to for my vote, but figuring out their order is going to take some time. Really great work, everybody. Way to stay strong after a LOT of mixing!
  15. Alright, I know this review is way late, but I'm gonna shoot it out anyways. This is for Round 7. I was busier than I thought I would be on saturday (I literally voted at 12:00PM eastern time), and sunday was christmas. I haven't listened to round 8 yet, but I hope to do that soon. But for now, my impressions on Round 7! A Swarm of Voxels Ah, I love your mix of chip goodness and highly polished production. This one was really catchy. I thought the start was interesting, and really worked out well from 0:17 - 0:50. There was some great mixing in the middle, esp 1:16 - 1:29, which was very styli
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