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  1. Rudy Roughknight Dart Field Alucard (aka Adrian Farenheit Tepes)
  2. Hello everyone. I have been a lurker on ocremix for a good long while now (probably 4 years or longer). I must say its long since overdue that I get involved with the community of amazing people that make up this site. I find it fantastic that ocremix exists, and I absolutely unconditionally agree with the goal of the site. Music is indeed the most universal language, and game music has vast amounts to say about many, many genres. As far as music from games goes, I have been listening to game soundtracks since i was 3 years old. My first one was final fantasy's original nintendo soundtrack back in 1988, when i first got my curious hands on a nintendo controller in my older brother's room. Ever since that day, I have been a huge fan of games, the tales they tell, the characters trials that they face and overcome, and the majestic music that fills the scenes with emotion, and breathes life into the game itself. I hope to see you all around the forum! (i know i probably will anyways xD )
  3. I cannot believe this has happened! nobuo must be given the proper credit as the composer that he is. its a shame this has happened. i certainly hope things work out!