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  1. Amazing 10/10 i hope you have opened the flood gates for more MK remixes to be made ........please ocremix force them to make more MK remixes lol
  2. im confused why is this on latest remixes ive been listening to OCR since day 1 and i know this tune been round for a while It is an amazing tune ive had this on mp3player for ages but why is it on latest remix ? or is it that its been on project chaos back when i first downloaded it and now its on OCR i dont get it?? im not being funny i just remember this tune as a classic OCremix tune and i see it on latest remixes ? am i alone in thinking this ?
  3. now i keep on hearing "save me meat" in my head on a loop lol ^^ i love the choon its amazing is there an instrumental available to download
  4. awww so so sorry i meant both of you sorry halc you too are amazing
  5. This is what OCremix is about this is 1 of best kirby tunes to be made and not that the others are bad so it says alot well done i will now listen this tune to death plz plz make more chthonic you continue to make amazing s*%t and i love it ^^ 10/10
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