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    I'm 6'2, about 175Lbs, Blond hair, Blue husky eyes, Gay top and bottom, Loves long walks, MOSTLY bycicling, Golf, Basket-ball, Video games mainly, Sonic fan. Been Remixing and Making music for about 10 years.
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  1. From rock to techno to trance... I never heard Metropolis zone in a IDM matter, If anyone is up for the challenge here's the midi.http://www.teamartail.com/midi/sonic2/metropolis_jw.mid right click n save!
  2. Why can't i trust EB games? are they evil? are they sociopathic or just retarted on release dates?
  3. Hello good workers, Does anyone have a set of Hardbass kicks you could provide? Or even just a HB kick that i could use? Mine are getting repetitive... Would be really appreciated. Thanks in advance if possible
  4. Dayve

    Tomba 2 !

    I'm wondering if anyone can remix/remake the "Deep forest (Cursed)" song from Tomba 2! if possible of course.
  5. I keep asking about the game at EB Games but they keep pushing the release date... In 2001 i had this demo disc and showed a Trailer about it, was really looking forward to it as an ex-Duke fan until it crushed my heart by never coming out. I'm still asking for it so i can finish my Duke Collection but until then its dead to me >_>
  6. Really looking forward to working with all of you! I am sure of having lots of fun and making this album a reality!
  7. Min Min's Theme (very catchy, great for melodic rock, trance, short source material) <--- id do this one
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