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    I'm a serious fan of video game music. I can remember all those hours sitting a few inches from the TV screen, gaming it up. Often times when going about my day I would hum the tunes of my favorite games.

    Now, even though I play a lot less video games. I still really like the art in music in the games I do play.One day, hopefully, I'll be able to remix some of my favorite tunes to my favorite games. Though, I'd like to be able to actually play them on my instrument since I'm more used to music that way. It's a long road and I've got a lot to learn!
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    Paul Kovack
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    Electric Guitar: Rhythm
  1. I'm curious on how to start as a remixer. My goal is to make something that I can play on the guitar (or least a part of it, which means I don't mind if some of it is created on a DAW). However, I don't much of anything about music nor how to compose or pull notes out of music (can read treble clef sheet music and guitar tabs, though). Experience-wise all I've got is the guitar. I'm alright, not great by any means, but if I find something simple,or break something down into simpler parts, I can practice it until it sounds good. I've tried playing with a DAW a few times and got both lost and c
  2. Hey I was on the forums and saw that you are really good at the guitar. Would you be able to help me get better? I kinda get bored of practicing alone. All I can do is the very basics with my guitar but I want to get better and make some good music.

  3. Yo! The name's SoundSouldier. I've been learning the guitar and have always loved good VGM and a lot of the remixes on this site. So I said what the heck and joined. I hope to one day contribute some note worthy remixes and such. And wish to be a part of the community!
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