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  1. Great way to start the day, for me. Everyone loves "Cornered," and I'm no exception. I did have a few concerns, though since I'm not a musician it might be difficult to explain them. I thought that the overall sound clarity of the synth and rock could have been improved, and I actually feel like something was off with the "Turnabout Sisters" transition. I sounded like "Cornered" still hadn't quite petered out and then stumbled into the new slower tempo. I dunno'. Liked it overall, though; definitely downloading.
  2. Your site and the ReMixes and the ReMixers and everything...it's all amazing. I've been freeloading for a couple of years now and decided I should actually at least purchase something, so I bought a hoodie today as the most effective way of saying "thanks" I could think of. I can't contribute with ReMixes, at any rate, so that'll have to do. Thanks again, to you and the amazing musicians that makes this place possible.

  3. 'sigh' It's really nice. The comment from the ReMixer sadly reminds me, alongside the song (which I mainly listened to because I saw Jillian's name on it), that I'm no longer one of those people that gets all those references. The only ACs I played hardcore were the first and Master of Arena (skipped PP, seemed like a waste of time), and I simply beat (but did not go all out on) AC3 for PS2. I was told by the most hardcore fan back at my old store that I really missed out when it came to Silent Line, Nexus, and Last Raven. I do remember the music was occasionally very, very cool, but it's been so long since I really sank my teeth into those games, and I didn't really get the whole series exposure I've always wanted but felt intimidated by (since each game tends to be really involving and somewhat difficult). The memories are likely gone. I'll probably download this album in honor of my old love for the series, and who knows, perhaps I'll get a chance to play one of the old titles and reinvigorate my interest. Life does, however, go on, and the older and more responsible I get the more selective I have to be about what I play...'s sad...
  4. I've been meaning to register here for awhile now and did just now to see if I could beat someone to "Goliaths Disarm Their Davids" thing, but I noticed there was definitely at least one person before me to post it. Anyways, the song is totally awesome, hilariously hardcore, though much like prior critiques have commented I have to say that I don't understand the choice for the sendoff, which really does come out of nowhere. Incorporating a more recognizable DKC2 theme into the ending isn't completely out of left field, but the pause and the addition of the wind instrument just seem haphazard. That said, I've been listening to this song off and on ever since Serious Monkey Business was released. Kongrats (see what I did there) on the top notch metal mayhem and truly epic lyrics!
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